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Riot Games is making some major changes to the tournament structure of Teamfight Tactics. After listening to feedback from fans, Riot will give North American players more chances to compete, and more chances to win, in the TFT Fates NA Regional Finals. Starting with the Giant Slayer TFT NA Qualifier 1, Riot Games will partner with two other teams for the next two qualifiers. The fourth will be run by Riot Games itself.

This new competitive format starts on November 20 with the Giant Slayer TFT NA Qualifier. This tournament will have three ways for players to qualify, weekly Teamfight Tactics ladder snapshots, a Challenger Series put on by Giant Slayer, and an open qualifier hosted by Team Liquid.

Teamfight Tactics Brackets

Teamfight Tactics NA Qualifier 2 will be hosted by Team Liquid on December 18-20. The third qualifier will be hosted by Cloud9 on January 29-31, and the fourth qualifier will be run by Riot on February 26-28. For players who are unable to compete in the Qualifier Series, or for those who do not have time to climb the ladder, there will be an additional qualifier. Run by Team Liquid, the Liquid Fates Last Chance Open Qualifier will be on March 1-5.

Winners from each event will move on to the Teamfight Tactics Fates NA Regional Finals, which will take place across two weeks, March 6-7 and 12-13.

Qualifiers 2-4 will run similarly to the first, with multiple options to qualify with some slight modifications. Each qualifier has a prize pool of $5,000.

  • 4 players will qualify from the preceding Qualifier event
  • 10 players will qualify from weekly TFT ladder snapshots
  • 2 players will qualify from Wisdom’s weekly Challenger Series events
  • 8 players will qualify from open qualifier brackets

Teamfight Tactics Ladder snapshots

Ladder snapshots can be found on the Giant Slayer website, players must participate in a minimum of ten ranked games each week to be eligible for points. The top 100 players earn points depending on their placement. Additionally only permanent North American residents can receive tournament invites from ladder snapshots.

Weekly Challenger Series

The Weekly Challenger Series events take place on Mondays, with the top 8 players from the previous ladder snapshot with the 2 winners from these events earning an invitation to the Qualifiers series.

Open Qualifier Brackets

This final method of qualifying features 8 players for each event. Because this event is geared to those who might not be able to qualify through other events, anyone can register for it regardless of points. These events will be hosted on the Liquid Tactics Discord server. Players interested in participating can register on the Discord server.

The top 32 players from these events will move on to the NA Regional Finals where there is a $25,000 prize pool up for grabs.

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