Riot Korea will support South Korean Valorant esports teams
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Riot is no stranger to South Korean esports after League of Legends blew up over there, and it looks like they are continuing to invest in the country. Today, Riot Korea announced that they will support Korean Valorant esports teams with the Valorant esports team support program.

Here’s what the program will do and how it will influence South Korean Valorant esports.

The Valorant esports team support program

The Valorant esports team support program aims to help the South Korean Valorant scene thrive with funding. The program will fund eight “Ballorant” teams chosen through internal screening. The teams can receive up to 50 million won under the following conditions:

  1. Teams receive the support fund at the beginning of each stage (three times per year). Riot evaluates the compliance with the minimum qualification maintenance conditions’ described in this guide and the operation plan submitted during the review.
  2. If you are chosen for support, but the evaluation does not satisfy the minimum qualification maintenance conditions’ or if it is determined that the operation plan, etc., are not observed, the support payment may be stopped.

To qualify for this financial support, South Korean Valorant teams must meet the following requirements:

  1. Advance to the Challengers Finals at least once per stage
  2. Establishment and operation of the camp environment (establishment and operation of the camp environment such as accommodation, computer and equipment, meals and snacks, bedding, rest area, etc.)
  3. A formal contract must be signed with at least 5 players and at least 1 coaching staff. Deemed non-compliance with the maintenance requirements)
  4. At least 500,000 won per game, or equivalent compensation, must be paid to all players and coaching staff who competed in each stage (except online qualifiers)
  5. At least 50% of the total prize money must be distributed to the players and coaching staff participating in each stage.
  6. Twitch and YouTube channel operation is essential, and at least one SNS channel must be operated separately.
  7. Must have at least one secretariat representative, excluding submitted athletes and coaching staff
  8. All athletes, coaching staff, and secretariat staff must comply with the Ballorant eSports policy, competition rules, and terms (service terms, operating policies, etc.)

South Korea is an important region for Riot as they surely hope to establish a global esports scene with Valorant. Counter-Strike was never quite as big over there, but they are hoping they can grow the South Korea Valorant scene. It will be interesting to see how this move plays out.