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The Rocket League Championship Series Season X is about to reach its conclusion with the RLCS X Championships. In the absence of Worlds, the four regions will play in regional online tournaments. Here’s how and when to watch.

When are the RLCS X Championships happening?

The RLCS X Championships will run from June 15-20. All four regions, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania, will compete throughout the week, with the latter two only playing once. The grand finals of both Europe and North America will take place on Sunday, June 20. All the action can be caught on Twitch and YouTube.

There will also be some show matches happening in between, with the Japanese and Middle-eastern regions making a rare appearance on the official RLCS broadcast. After years of requests, it seems Psyonix is beginning to pay attention to Asia. Check out the full week’s schedule at the bottom.

The format

The RLCS X Championships come with a small twist. For the first time in RLCS history, teams will play in a best-of-set. This requires teams to win two best-of-5 matches in order to progress. In the semi-final and the grand final, it will require them to win two best-of-seven’s to take the victory.

Both Oceania and South America will play just single best-of-set. Only the top two of each region would have made it to Worlds, so they are now simply playing for the victory of their respective regions directly. The first team with two best-of-sevens wins the region for RLCS X.

RLCSX Championships bracket
Image provided by Psyonix

Who’s playing?

The entire season of RLCS X has come down to this. Teams played in nine regional events and three majors, accumulating points along the way. The top six of North America and Europe, and the top two of South America and Oceania would have booked their tickets to Worlds. Now, they’re just playing each other regionally.


In Europe, all eyes are on Team BDS, who have reigned over the European RLCS from lonely heights. All the other teams are a clear step behind the titans and will try to keep Team BDS from the one victory that matters the most. The other teams are Team Vitality, Top Blokes, Guild Esports, Solary and Team Queso.

North America

The North Americans are keeping it much closer. While NRG are first seed and took two out of three RLCS X majors (and got second in the third), the other teams are on their heels. The final two teams to qualify, G2 Esports and FaZe Clan, were not decided until the very last major of the regular RLCS X season. So, there may not be a clear favorite, but that’ll only make the competition that much closer. Every match-up could include a potential winner of the tournament. The final three teams are Team Envy, SpaceStation Gaming and Rogue.

Oceania and South America

With just two teams each for Oceania and South America, they won’t get a lot of time in the spotlight. In Oceania, it will be between Ground Zero Gaming and Cringe Society. In South America, FURIA Esports and True Neutral will battle for the region’s glory. None of these teams were expected to make a deep run at Worlds, but perhaps they can impress at the RLCS X Championships.

The RLCS X Championships schedule

Tuesday, June 15:

  • Europe, Round 1: Solary vs. Team Queso – 11 a.m. EDT
  • Europe Quarterfinal #1: Top Blokes vs. Guild Esports – 1 p.m. EDT
  • North America, Round 1: G2 Esports vs. FaZe Clan – 4 p.m. EDT
  • North America, Quarterfinal #1: Spacestation Gaming vs. Rogue – 7 p.m. EDT

Wednesday, June 16:

  • Europe Quarterfinal #2: TBD vs. TBD – 11 a.m. EDT
  • Middle East 3v3 Show Match: Immediately following Europe Quarterfinal #2
  • North America, Quarterfinal #2: TBD vs. TBD – 1 p.m. EDT

Thursday, June 17:

  • Europe Semifinal #1: Team BDS vs. TBD – 11 a.m. EDT
  • Europe 2v2 Show Match: Immediately following Europe Semifinal #1
  • North America Semifinal #1: NRG Esports vs. TBD – 2 p.m. EDT

Friday, June 18:

  • Europe Semifinal #2: Team Vitality vs. TBD – 11 a.m. EDT
  • North America 2v2 Show Match: Immediately following Europe Semifinal #2
  •  North America Semifinal #2: Team Envy vs. TBD – 2 p.m. EDT

Saturday, June 19:

  • South America Grand Finals: True Neutral vs. FURIA – 5 p.m. EDT
  •  Japan 3v3 Show Match: Immediately following South America Grand Finals
  • Oceania Grand Finals: Ground Zero Gaming vs. Cringe Society – 9 p.m. EDT

    Sunday, June 20:

  • Europe Grand Finals: TBD vs. TBD – 11 a.m. EDT
  • North America Grand Finals: TBD vs. TBD – 2:30 p.m. EDT
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