Rocket League on PS5 gets a 120hz mode and free Ratchet & Clank items
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After months of waiting, Rocket League players on PlayStation 5 are getting their performance mode, allowing them to play at 120 FPS, Sony and Psyonix have announced.

On Aug. 18, 2021, Performance Mode is being introduced to Rocket League on Sony’s latest console. Players can also choose to play at 60 FPS and 4K resolution with Quality Mode though, if preferred. To top it all off, Sony is also treating PS4 and PS5 players to a free Ratchet & Clank bundle.

PS5 Rocket League players finally get to experience 120hz

Initially, when the PlayStation 5 launched, the PS5 version of Rocket League was the same backward-compatible PS4 version, running at checkerboarded 4K at 60 FPS. The Xbox Series X did get an upgraded version though, which runs at 2688×1512 resolution and 120 FPS with HDR enabled.

It is unknown whether the game will run as a native PS5 game or as a backward-compatible PS4 game, but Psyonix told Pushsquare in November 2020 that a full native PS5 port was required to make 120 FPS happen. However, we’ve since seen Call of Duty: Warzone achieve the higher framerate target without a native PS5 port, so it could now be possible.

However the port is being handled, the PS5 version of Rocket League will run at the same settings as the Xbox Series X. Both options – Performance and Quality – will have HDR enabled when a display supports it too. Of course, a compatible display and an HDMI 2.1 cable is required to run the game at 120 FPS and 4K.

Free Ratchet & Clank items are coming

Along with the upgraded PS5 version of Rocket League, players on both PS4 and PS5 can also claim the free Ratchet & Clank bundle. This introduces a host of new customization items such as a decal, toppers and a boost based on the Sony-exclusive series. The bundle will be available until Jan. 3, 2022. After that, it can no longer be claimed.

New bundles in the shop

Occasionally, Psyonix drops new item bundles in the Rocket League shop. With this update, two new packs will show up: the Road Hog XL Starter Pack ($4.99) and the Werewolf Pack ($19.99). The Road Hog XL Starter Pack comes with a bunch of items, both painted and unpainted, and 500 credits (worth roughly $5) to further spend in the shop. The Werewolf Pack comes with items that are rarer and have the more desirable Crimson paint, along with 1000 credits (worth roughly $10).

Rocket League players that have a PlayStation Plus subscription are also getting a bunch of new items to claim for free, which are being refreshed from the previously-available free pack.

Michael Kloos is a Dutch esports journalist and enthusiast with a particular like of Rocket League and VALORANT. He is also an avid fantasy/sci-fi reader and writer. He spends most of his time trying not to be in the real world.