Sasha "Magi" Sullivan joins BeastCoast as a SSBM player
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On June 25, Super Smash Brothers Melee (SSBM) player Sasha “Magi” Sullivan announced that she would be joining the beastcoast organization. The announcement came as a part of her Smash Summit 11 campaign..

“Our flight navigation is saying that the queen of falcos has finally touched down on shore…everyone, please welcome @SSBMagi to beastcoast,” the beastcoast account tweeted.

The signing adds to beastcoast’s long history of supporting the Super Smash Brothers Melee scene. Their roster includes players such as Johnny “S2J” Kim, Brandon “HomeMadeWaffles” Collier and now, Magi.

Magi Joins beastcoast

Magi has been a part of the SSBM scene since mid-2015. Her debut was at The People’s Tournament 2, where she got a 9-12th placing . Since then, she has grown into one of the best players in the world and is the only woman to ever make it into the SSBM world ranking, placing 43rd.

Since the start of the Netplay era for SSBM, Magi has consistently joined online tournaments and proved herself against the best of the best. Her most notable matches in the netplay era are from the Ludwig Aghren Championship Series 3, where she ended 9-12th place among some of the best SSBM players in the world. She also participated in Division two of the Summit Champions league, but was not able to make it into Division one. The results from Summit Champions League 2 meant that she had to campaign in order to get an invite to Smash Summit 11.

The top six finishers from the Summit Champions League 2 automatically receive invitations to Smash Summit 11. Since Magi did not qualify, she is now campaigning to attend as a crowdfunded player to the event. Magi has made it through the nomination phase of Smash Summit 11 and is in the final voting stages for the tournament. She currently sits at 9th place and will need to make it into the top two in order to gain a crowdfunded invite.

Magi will have a host of events happening on her Twitch Channel as part of her campaign to gain a crowdfunded invite into Smash Summit 11.

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