Scorestreaks and Specialist Perks will be featured in Modern Warfare
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An Activision blog post has gone over some of the mechanics that will launch with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. While most of it was previously known, there was a surprising piece of information that has many fans even more excited for Oct. 25: Scorestreaks and Specialist Perks are returning to Modern Warfare.

Scorestreaks will be in Modern Warfare

While scorestreaks are no stranger to Call of Duty, many thought they would be left out this year. Infinity Ward made it clear they wanted to emphasize kills instead of score for their streaks. They had this to say in their blog post:

We felt that in some games, Scorestreaks tend sometimes not to be clear; ‘if you’re in this mode a Scorestreak is 50 points, but if you’re in another mode, that same Scorestreak is 100 points’. This led to players disengaging.

However, with how they’re implementing scorestreaks, it could work out for both sides. Instead of giving the player no choice in how they earn their streaks, Infinity Ward is allowing players to pick. A new perk called “Point Man” will launch with the game, and it makes it so the user’s streaks turn score-based rather than kill-based.

Modern Warfare killstreaks

This is, in theory, a great idea since it caters to both sides. If you want to use scorestreaks you can, but it will require a valuable perk slot. Those who prefer killstreaks get to use whatever perk they want, but it will be a little harder to earn streaks.

Specialist Perks make their long-awaited return

Last seen in Call of Duty: Ghosts, Specialist Perks are one of the most popular features Call of Duty has introduced. Rather than using actual killstreaks, Specialist Perks allow the player to earn Perks of their choosing with every few kills.

This was a wildly well-liked feature in the two games it appeared in. Making the player feel like a super-soldier, Specialist Perks are the streak of choice for those attempting to earn a Tactical Nuke. Since killstreaks don’t wrap or count towards the next streak in Modern Warfare, Specialist Perks are far more useful when going for a Nuke. There is no word on whether or not the Specialist Bonus is coming back from Modern Warfare 3, however.

Modern Warfare perks
The Specialist Perk system in Modern Warfare will be similar to in Modern Warfare 3.

While Modern Warfare is tangled in controversy right now, the developer seems to be doing its best to get back on the community’s good side. Hopefully, Infinity Ward can continue implementing well-received features.

Do you think these additions are good or bad? Let us know in the comments below. Keep up with Daily Esports for all Call of Duty: Modern Warfare coverage.

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