Shadowcat wins Pokkén Singles at Bamboo Battles: Hibernation Arc
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“Shadowcat” won Pokkén Tournament DX Singles at Bamboo Battles: Hibernation Arc on May 23. Impressively, he did not drop a single game until Winners Finals. Even then, no player was able to take a set off of Shadowcat throughout the whole event.

As the highest seed in his pool, Shadowcat predictably swept through every opponent leading up to top 48. In the process, he defeated “Stills,” Ricky “RickyThe3rd” Hankey, and Kira Péniquaud. After another pair of flawless wins against “CornMaster” and Florian “Cloud” Blank, Shadowcat reached top 8 on winners side.

Shadowcat beat Ryan “SliceNDice” Lindsay 3-0 in Winners Semis. He finally dropped his first game of the Bamboo Battles Pokkén event in Winners Finals. Even so, Shadowcat won that set over Jacob “Jukem” Waller 3-1. Shadowcat finished his fantastic run with a 3-2 victory over Stephan “Stephmicky” Hutson in Grand Finals.

Other results from Pokkén Tournament DX at Bamboo Battles: Hibernation Arc

Stephmicky dropped into the losers bracket incredibly early, losing his second set of the tournament to Joey “NEO SINANJU” Martin. Despite this, Stephmicky made an outstanding losers run in order to place 2nd at the Bamboo Battles Pokkén Tournament event. After advancing out of pools, Stephmicky beat Marcus “Jolts” Gomes, Reece “Sabrewoif” Dos-Santos, and “Yvelx” to reach top 16.

From there, Stephmicky earned a spot in top 8 by eliminating Alexis “Deity Light” Sims and Riley “rapiD” Buckley-Kay. He proceeded to defeat Daniel “Gintrax” D., SliceNDice, “Vanny Star,” and Jukem before narrowly losing to Shadowcat in Grand Finals. During his losers run, Stephmicky slogged through and won a grueling 12 sets.

Bamboo Battles: Hibernation Arc showed that, much like other games, Pokkén Tournament DX’s metagame is a bit different online. Many of the tournament’s top seeds, famous for their offline results, did not even make it out of pools. Such players included Dale “Bolimar” Causey, Kevin “Oreo” Menz, Chaz “Mewtater” Wright, and Devin “Ouroboro” Setiady.

Dylan Tate is an alumnus of the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a gaming journalist with a love for Nintendo esports, particularly Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon.