Shadowverse July 29 update to add new features and fixes
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Shadowverse‘s Rebirth of Glory format has been a rollercoaster, to say the least, with the flexibility of neutral cards leading many players to compare it to Wonderland Dreams format. A new update is set to release on July 29 at 11:00 PM (PT), and unfortunately, it is unlikely to change that much. Instead, players will find a host of quality of life changes and some minor updates.

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New features and store additions

Eight new prebuilt decks will be added to the shop to reflect the current rotation format. They will each have 5 legendary cards and will likely reflect current meta decks. Therefore, they will likely be fantastic starting points for newer Shadowverse players, per usual. Also, there will be a bonus item included. This is likely a promo animated version of a staple card, such as Dragon Oracle.

Score Rewards from July to September 2018 will be available in the shop for those who failed to earn both the emblem and sleeve. The pack will cost 400 crystals regardless of which you don’t own. The pack can be found in the buy supplies section of the store page.

Open 6 mode will now show how many of the obtainable cards you already own before you draft them. This isn’t always a factor when picking cards in the mode, but it’s a nice upside to have.

The temporary card filter has been updated to be fully functional. No more sorting through all the free temporaries everyone got just to find the legendaries you own.

The Gears of Rebellion: Uprising storyline will have Part 2 added. This will (hopefully) conclude the storyline, or at least bring in the 4 missing leaders. The story has been dragging on since Shadowverse‘s Steel Rebellion and should be finally coming to a close.

Bug fixes

Shadowverse will also receive the following bugs/cosmetic updates:

  • Serpent Drake stat display issue
  • Solomon, Lord of Magic battle log display issue
  • Whirlwind Rhinoceroach display issue
  • Gift for Bloodkin battle log display issue
  • Leader effects display issue
  • Seductress Vampire and Elana, Purest Prayer loading screen display issue
  • Giant Chimera’s Fanfare effect will have a visual update

Card changes

The vial bonuses for Dark Dragoon Forte, Heartsick Demon, Seductress Vampire, and Elana, Purest Prayer will end after the update. If you still have these cards and want to vial them, now is the time. There are no other card changes announced at this time, despite the dominance of Roach Forestcraft. Turn 6 OTKs on a consistent basis has had many players calling for a limit. However, Cygames is notorious for saying its game is balanced when it’s not, so we doubt it’s happening.

Is there anything missing in the Shadowverse patch notes you were hoping for? What new features are you looking for? Let us know down in the comments below!