Shadowverse Rebirth of Glory mini-expansion announced
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Shadowverse Rebirth of Glory has had arguably one of the stalest metas I’ve seen since I started playing again. Very few outdo it in this category. One could argue Steel Rebellion or Wonderland Dreams was worse, but before the blood nerfs Rebirth easily outdid them. Free Vengeance with no downside and unlimited evos for every deck made playing the format a chore. Unlimited format is also in a complete state of disrepair. Roach, Darkfeast Bat, and Elana are running over virtually every other deck in the format that dares to play anything remotely fair. However, the new miniature expansion for Rebirth of Glory has finally been announced.

New cards

Seventeen new cards will be added to the expansion. These cards will likely be all be gold or legendary in rarity, if tradition holds. If they’re anything like those from past mini-expansions, they will buff underplayed archetypes significantly. This will hopefully be enough to shake up the metagame a bit in both rotation and unlimited. The cards will be added on Aug. 21.

Miniature expansions, in general, have been a bit controversial in the community. While they do shake up the format mostly, it often feels like cards are withheld. That is to say, these cards were created with a balance of the entire format in mind but then removed from the main expansion at random. This leaves archetypes feeling underwhelming in comparison to others that got all of their support in one shot.

The cards will be revealed Aug. 17 in chunks on the official Shadowverse Twitter. Alternatively, you can check out my breakdown of the cards as they get revealed here at Daily Esports!

What archetypes are you hoping will gain support for the mini-expansion? Do you hope some new nerfs or buffs will happen along with the update? Let us know down in the comments below!