Sigma buffed, Moira nerfed in latest Overwatch PTR patch
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Overwatch has released a PTR patch that makes some small but significant changes to two characters: Moira and Sigma. This PTR has seen quick problem resolution, and with the new 2-2-2 meta, there is a flood of players coming back to the game. Bye, bye GOATS. It seems Blizzard has had their ear to the ground during this PTR phase and are listening to the community’s woes about character tweaking and balancing, making this one of the best PTR phases.

Moira walk back

Moira received a buff earlier in the PTR that allowed her to use her Fade ability to get out of literally everything. Whether facing a stun, grab, trap, or knock down, her Fade could easily render it useless. It made Moira very agile and powerful. Now Blizzard has walked back this buff due to negative feedback from the community. Being able to easily exit a fight or bad situation has always been Moira’s strength, but it seems the majority of the community agrees that being able to render stuns useless is a bit too strong.

Sigma buff

Sigma has been making waves in the PTR. Players are finding ways to maximize his versatile kit, and he seems like a hero that we will see a lot in matches. Well, here comes another (small) wave, as he is receiving a slight buff. It has dropped the cooldown reduction of his Kinetic Grasp ability from 15 to 13 seconds, and it increased shields he gains from 0.33 to 0.40. Sigma is seeing a lot of play and he seems to fit comfortably in almost every composition. This buff just makes him fit that much better.

This Overwatch PTR update was relatively small and came in at the same time as a small server update. It may even go unnoticed for the most part, until you try to Fade out of a Junkrat trap as Moira and wonder why you can’t (true story). What do you think of the changes?