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Skye is coming to Valorant on October 27. After a two-week delay to make sure the rest of the start of Act III is as stable as possible, the new agent will bring an arsenal of both new and existing abilities. And as it turns out, the leaks were only partially correct. A new trailer was officially released by Riot, showcasing her abilities, while a leaked video shows the in-game descriptions. Her accent in the trailer also confirms that she is indeed from Down Under.

Skye is Valorant’s first animal friend

Okay, maybe the other Valorant agents like animals, too. We don’t know. But we do know that Skye brings a host of animal companions to help hunt down her adversaries. Although, they’re not technically animals. They’re trinkets that turn into spectral beings that behave like animals.

Her hawk trinket, named “Guiding Light,” sends forth a bird that follows the direction of your crosshair when holding FIRE. Use it once more, and it’ll explode, functioning as a flash. It’s a pretty interesting idea to blind sites from further away without giving away your position as much as, for example, Phoenix would do. It’s likely that the bird can also be shot before Skye activates it, though.

The “drone wolf” that was leaked turns out to be a Tasmanian tiger, which she sends forth, controls, and leaps into enemies to concuss and damage them.

Her third ability, Regrowth, is an AOE heal that can only be used on allies and not herself. The ring shown in the trailer looks fairly sizeable, but the amount it heals not yet confirmed. It is, at least, a channel that can be held and paused until the healing pool is depleted. This introduces the second team-healer to Valorant after Sage.

Finally, Skye’s Ultimate sends out three seekers that look like floating jellyfish, which search for enemies and nearsight them when they reach their target. They also have a sound queue, so you’ll know where to look when it spots someone.

The trailer, while pretty, functions more like a tease than actually showing the full effects of Skye’s abilities. Fortunately, there is a leaked video showing everything more in-depth. What do you think of Skye? Will she change up the meta in Valorant? Let us know!

Michael Kloos is a Dutch esports journalist and enthusiast with a particular like of Rocket League and VALORANT. He is also an avid fantasy/sci-fi reader and writer. He spends most of his time trying not to be in the real world.