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SMITE has revealed the gameplay for Morgan Le Fay, the upcoming Arthurian ranged mage, on June 11. Le Fay will arrive on the battlefield June 15 as part of the Dark Enchantress update.

Empowered Blade

Morgan Le Fay’s passive is Empowered Blade, which can be used to buff herself. She marks enemy gods with schools of magic while activating the same symbol on her sword.

When her sword gains all five symbols, she gains double the magical power. The cooldown of Consuming Power, her ultimate, also gets reduced before the symbols get used up.

SMITE reveals Morgan Le Fay gameplay
Morgan Le Fay gains all five symbols on her blade. | Provided by Hi-Rez

Sigil Mastery

Sigil Master is Le Fay’s first ability, which can do AOE damage to enemies. When used, she summons a sword and choses a sigil that gets carved into the battleground.

Enemy players who get hit by Sigil Mastery become marked with the selected sigil, which causes secondary effects. While the Mark of Soul creates a decoy to attack opponents, the Mark of Body creates an area that slows enemies down. Finally, Mark of Mind fears enemies from the sigil’s center.

The Sigil Mastery ability and the Mark of Body. | Provided by Hi-Rez


Morgan Le Fay’s next ability is Dragonflight, which summons a dragon in front of her to deal damage and knock back enemies. Opposing gods who get hit with Dragonflight also take the Mark of Spirit.

SMITE reveals Morgan Le Fay gameplay
Dragonflight knocks enemies back. | Provided by Hi-Rez

Shroud of Wildfire

Shroud of Wildfire is the mage’s third ability. It damages enemies in a line, stopping on enemy gods. When the wildfire expires, it explodes and debuffs Le Fay’s enemies while continuing to deal damage. If an enemy god uses a movement ability, they will combust and take damage again.

If Morgan Le Fay uses basic attacks on enemies while they are debuffed, she can increase the duration of Shroud of Wildfire. She also gains movement speed while using the ability. Opposing gods who get hit with Shroud of Wildfire receive the Mark of Matter.

Extending the Shroud of Wildfire debuff with basic attacks. | Provided by Hi-Rez

Consuming Power

Consuming Power is Le Fay’s ultimate. The power absorbs the marks of enemies in front of her and empowers her next strikes. Afterwards, she can deal three blows to her foes. Additionally, she can heal for some missing health per enemy god hit.

Striking enemies with Consuming Power. | Provided by Hi-Rez
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