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The Talons of Tyranny event arrives with the Smite 8.3 update and will add the Heroes of the Wild battle pass, new skins, and a whole lot of changes to general gameplay. The update is set for release on March 23.  Here is what you need to know about Smite’s Talons of Tyranny 8.3 updates.

Heroes of the Wild Battle Pass

Smite champion
Image via SMITE Game

The Heroes of the Wild Battle Pass features new looks for Fenrir, Amaterasu, Bacchus, and Zhong Kui, along with new jump stamps, music themes, and loading frames. Players can purchase the Heroes of the Wild Battle pass for 600 gems. However, those who want Chaac’s new tier five skin will have to pay even more for it. If you are looking to start off Talons of Tyranny with a premium skin,  get ready to spend extra gems. The Heroes of the Wild Battle Pass plus costs 1200 Gems.

New Skins for Several Smite Gods

Sobek skin
Image via SMITE Game

Some gods are receiving new skins in Talons of Tyranny; new skins that are exclusive to Battle pass are:

  • Heroic Husky Fenrir
  • Chibu Inu Amaterasu
  • Sushi Neko Bacchus
  • Nekomancer Zhong Kui

Plushie Cernunno and Classic AO Kuang Kukulkan are exclusive to Plushiemax’s chest and a birthday bash event respectively. The rest of the new skins will be available to all in Talons of Tyranny. There are also three new Sobek skins for players to check out.

Non Battle Pass-exclusive skins are:

  • Bit Slayer Tsukuyomi
  • Unholy Doodle Ra
  • Battle Tagger Skadi

Attack speed item changes

The 8.3 update fixes an issue for players who like to build gods focused on attack speed. Normally, when two attack speed items have a slow effect they stack on each other. This gives the attacked god multiple stacks of the same slow.

This update states that players may only have one attack speed slow status from items applied to them at a time. So, players will still receive all of the buffs that come from having an attack speed item with slowing effects, but when there are several of those items on your god at once, the one with the highest slowing effect will take priority.

Other Notable Changes in Smite 8.3 Patch Notes

Aside from the change in the attack speed items, this update is bringing reworks to the Stone of Fal and Mail. The changes give more power to the Stones and offer players more options in builds. The Manikin Scepter also no longer provides three flat damage reductions, but health and Mana from defeating Jungle Monsters. Additionally, a live launch of the NA-West Server Region will be considered after a public test server trial.

Players looking for more new content beyond the Smite 8.3 update can check out Tiamat, the first of the game’s Babylonian pantheon.

Jimoh Rashidat is a freelance esports writer with over two years of experience. She covers FIFA, League of Legends and general gaming content.