Snowball Gunfight, Drop Zone, Double XP coming to Modern Warfare
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The Season 1 content keeps on rolling in Modern Warfare, as Activision announced a new content drop earlier today. To celebrate the winter season, Modern Warfare will receive two new game modes and two different kinds of Double XP. Starting Dec. 24 at 10:00 a.m. PT, Snowball Gunfight, Drop Zone, and Double XP and Double Tier Earn Rate will all be live in-game. The Double XP events end on Dec. 27 at 10:00 a.m. PT.

Snowball Gunfight is a new, fun take on the 2v2 mode in Modern Warfare. Instead of weapons, players use snowballs to eliminate enemies. Drop Zone is making its first appearance in Call of Duty since it debuted in Modern Warfare 3 back in 2011.

Snowball Gunfight and Drop Zone enter the field

One complaint among fans in the community is the lack of party game modes in Modern Warfare. While there is Infected, having only one party mode starts to get stale after a time. So, Activision is making sure fans have other modes to enjoy.

Snowball Gunfight is just normal Gunfight with the same rules. However, players will only be equipped with snowballs to win the round. It’s unclear how many snowballs each player gets. The mode is only available on the Gunfight map Winter Docks.

Modern Warfare Drop Zone

Drop Zone, last seen in 2011, is a variation of a party mode. While it’s still competitive, it’s meant to sustain enjoyment over competitiveness. Every minute or so, a new ‘drop zone’ will appear on the map. It’s up to the players on each team to hold the drop zone by warding off enemies. If one team manages to hold the zone for a certain amount of time, care packages containing killstreaks will rain down from the sky.

It’s quite the action-packed game mode, so fans should have a blast with this version in Modern Warfare. It’s unknown when both Snowball Gunfight and Drop Zone will depart from the game, so get all the play-time you can while it still lasts.

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