Sources: Team Oplon sign Tiger and Absolute for their 2022 roster
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Sources Cited

Team Oplon signed Bot laner Alan “Tiger” Roger and Support Batuhan “Absolute” Okta for their 2022 roster, as shared by the Riot Global Contract Database. Sources told Upcomer that the initially reported bot lane of Lee “Pat” Seung-yong and Bae “Sloth” Jeong-sub will not join Team Oplon due to COVID-19 and visa related issues.

The South Korean duo of Pat and Sloth was set to join Team Oplon in the La Ligue Française for 2022. With countries closing borders due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it became a real possibility that Pat and Sloth would not get their visa in time and still be in Korea after the start of the split. One possibility to bring them over to Europe was to have them fly to Germany, where both players could stay in a gaming campus with a working holiday visa. According to sources, it wasn’t possible to make an appointment at that time and the French organization decided to sign another bot lane.

Tiger will play his second year in the LFL as he joins from Team MCES. Team MCES didn’t have the best results in 2021 and failed to promote back into the French European Regional League. Tiger’s support will be Absolute coming from the Turkish Championship League. With his team SuperMassive Blaze, Absolute managed to qualify to playoffs of the Turkish Championship League 2021 summer split.

This means that the full roster of Team Oplon will be Top laner Aymeric “Darlik” Garçon, Jungler Bruno “Bruness” Freund and Mid laner Pengcheng “Peng” Shen with a bot lane of Tiger and Absolute. Adrian “Zetural” Dziadkowiec will also be coaching the team.

Team Oplon is one of the two new teams competing in the LFL alongside Elyandra Mirage.