Starcraft community mainstay Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson dead at 33
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Over the weekend, the Starcraft community lost one of its most prolific and beloved figures. Professional caster and former professional player Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson passed away on July 20. The announcement was made on his official Twitter account. It states the cause of death was a “sudden illness.”

No additional details concerning his passing have been released. While he had mentioned some health concerns recently, the news was sudden and shocking. Robinson was 33.

One of a kind

The Starcraft community is still reeling from the news. Robinson was a champion of the scene and one of the biggest community figures in North America. The loss of his relentless positivity and support for Starcraft 2′s competitive circuit will unquestionably leave a void.

Thousands of players and fans are currently expressing their grief with his loss on social media. Many are also sharing stories of personally interacting with him. He leaves behind a legacy of community involvement.

That community will remember Robinson for many things, chief among them his larger-than-life personality and unique sense of humor. He once compared fellow Starcraft caster and former pro Daniel “Artosis” Stemkoski to the moss that grows on the sunlit side of trees. His antics from the caster’s booth have been well documented over the years.

Besides competing professionally with team Evil Geniuses, Robinson had a long and successful career as a commentator. He provided commentary – and a lot of laughs – at many Starcraft 2 events. That includes the World Champion Series and HomeStory Cup.

Robinson was also active in the community in other ways. He worked on the influential State of the Game podcast. He also produced the weekly Pylon Show special with Stemkoski. Robinson and Stemkoski’s relationship has been a great source of entertainment for the Starcraft community for years.

The announcement calls for Robinson’s fans and followers to give his family their privacy in the aftermath of his passing. It also encourages fans to donate to the Southern California Bulldog Rescue in honor of Robinson and his bulldog Barristan.