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In a swift move amidst abuse allegations, Lee “Infiltration” Seon-woo has been severed from the ranks of team Panda Global. While Seon-woo maintained his innocence, he “voluntarily withdrew from competing, streaming, and social media,” during PG’s investigation of the allegations according to his patron’s statement to Game Informer. Capcom clarified to Game Informer that his exit from Panda Global and termination from the Capcom Pro Tour next year was “agreed upon by Capcom, Panda Global, and Infiltration.”

Evidence of Abuse

It was in September 2018 that reports came in, causing Panda Global to pull Infiltration from competition at the Tokyo Game Show. The prominent Street Fighter V competitor has recently received allegations of multiple instances of domestic abuse. These allegations first hit hit Reddit. While many of them were unverified, Panda Global’s own investigation confirmed that there was at least one case of abuse that was documented.

Panda Global’s Written Statement on Seon-woo “Infiltration” Lee

— Panda Global (@PandaGlobal) November 15, 2018

The recorded altercation took place in October of 2017 between Seon-woo and his wife at the time. The conflict was recorded in an audio file which resulted in Seon-woo receiving a restraining order from his ex-wife. He was also charged with assault after his ex-wife produced evidence of bruising and injuries to her wrist from medical professionals.

Charges of property damage

Seon-woo was also charged with destruction of property. He reportedly visited his home that is a joint-lease with his ex-wife in order to pick up personal belongings. The passcode was changed and he was locked out of the property. With the idea that he was well within his rights to enter his home, he hired a locksmith to access the property. The breakage of the lock is what landed him the property damage charge that resulted in a $300 fine according to Game Informer.

Thankfully, abuse and misconduct allegations are being taken more seriously in today’s world. Panda Global’s investigation of the matter and the subsequent resolution was the proper move for the team to make in light of everything. For more Street Fighter V and all things esports, stay locked into Daily Esports for the latest.

Source: Game Informer

Image credit: Polygon