Super Smash Bros. could see a Marvel crossover one day
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Fans of Nintendo’s hit fighting game franchise Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have constantly talked about potential crossover characters they would like to see in the game. Well, how about throwing some Marvel characters into the mix? According to an interview from Game Informer with Marvel’s own VP and Creative Director, Bill Rosemann, that could very well be a possibility — in the future. Who wouldn’t want to see Mario duke it out with Spider-Man or the Avengers? I know I would! The good thing that came out of this interview was when he was asked about Marvel characters in Smash, he didn’t shoot the idea down:

Well I mean, I can imagine anything … Hawkeye standing next to Link, and both shooting some arrows… I mean anything could happen, but I’m not the person that makes decisions such as that.

Nintendo and Marvel work well together, says Rosemann

Marvel is already collaborating with Nintendo on the upcoming title Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 due out on the Nintendo Switch in July. Rosemann commented on their partnership in the interview, stating, “They’ve been spectacular collaborators.” Nintendo ultimately, of course, has the final say on which characters will appear in their games as we are already well aware of. Players can beg and plead with Nintendo, but as Rosemann said, the door is open for Marvel to collaborate. This also leaves the door open for Disney and Star Wars characters to appear in Smash Bros. (though I sincerely doubt it).

If Marvel is 100 percent game to do this and if Ultimate Alliance does well, then perhaps that could be the push Nintendo needs to seal the deal. On the bright side, while we may not have Marvel characters in a Smash game yet, we do have a Marvel fighting game to tide us over until that day happens. The ball is in Nintendo’s court.