TD Bank sponsors the Toronto Ultra, the second OverActive Media team
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OverActive Media received their second sponsorship from the Toronto-Dominion Bank, adding the Toronto Ultra to their list. In fact, OverActive also owns the Toronto Defiant of the Overwatch League; a team already sponsored by TD bank.

TD extends their connection to OverActive and the Ultra

This new connection for the Ultra is helpful in many ways; from the TD logo at the top right of the jersey to the official YouTube streams and social media content. As a matter of fact, in celebration of the Ultra and Defiant both being sponsored, a physical space in the OverActive Media building has been adjusted for them. In the player facility, the newly named TD Player Lounge is available for teams to use.

Toronto Ultra OverActive TD
Toronto Ultra playing ping-pong in the new player lounge. | Provided by OverActive Media

Tyler Keenan, VP of Global Partnerships at OverActive, was clear on the meaning of this connection. “We are building a world-leading sports, media and entertainment company for the new generation of sports fans and a partnership with a premium brand. TD further validates our vision of working alongside industry leaders to revolutionize the esports experience for fans globally,” he said.

Toronto Ultra TD Lounge
Toronto Ultra players sitting in the TD Player Lounge. | Provided by OverActive Media

The Defiant sponsorship blossoms

In addition, this is the second year of the Defiant and TD Bank’s union. The upcoming TD Fan Appreciation Weekend. from Aug. 12-15, is on the horizon. Furthermore, according to OverActive Media, another positive change is in the works. In the fall of 2021, the Toronto Defiant and the Vancouver Titans will face a new event called Canadian Overwatch Fest.

After the recent performances of the Ultra and Defiant, both teams are striving for the playoffs. Now, with a big name behind them and a more developed place to stay and practice, these changes could eventually lead to a big win. We’ll see whether that win is in the COD League or Overwatch League.

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