Team Bull Send wins Rocket League WGN North American Championship
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Over the weekend at Fan Expo Canada, team Bull Send was crowned the winners of the Rocket League WGN North American Championship. Bull Send, which consisted of Comm, Dino, and Stokelyy, duked it out against RBG Esports in the grand finals. The team won $10,000 and passes to this September’s Rocket League DreamHack Montreal Pro Circuit.

Team Bull Send

“It’s really awesome to have supporters for just playing a video game,” Dino told Daily Esports. “We didn’t think it was possible, but then it started happening. It’s just nice having people out there supporting you no matter what.”

Prior to attending the WorldGaming Rocket League event at Fan Expo Canada, Stokelyy said the team had practiced a few hours every day, alongside all of their other responsibilities. “We’ve gotta do one thing at a time, like come home from school, do your homework first, and then you play,” he said.

During the team interview, Comm also revealed how Bull Send was first created. “It was by happenstance,” he said. “Someone didn’t show up, so we tried out Dino and really liked Dino.”

Rocket League WGN North American Championship

The Rocket League WGN North American Championship consisted of four open qualifiers, a live qualifier, and a closed online qualifier. While four teams gained access to the grand finals through the open qualifiers, three additional teams earned their spot during the closed qualifier. One more team, SUP, earned a place through the open live qualifier.

In addition to Bull Send, RBG Esports, and SUP, the other teams that made it to the grand finals were Noble, Upper 90 Esports, Linked Up, Plot Twist, and Frontline. Winning $4,000 in second place was team RBG Esports. Noble and Linked Up won third and fourth place, as well as $1,750.

With Bull Send’s Comm, Dino, and Stokelyy taking the crown, they said they hope to sweep through the upcoming Rocket League DreamHack Montreal Pro Circuit, which has a prize pool of $100,000.

Amy Chen is an esports journalist and enthusiast who specializes in in-depth interviews and breaking news. A University of Toronto and Humber College graduate, she is passionate about building up the Canadian esports industry. Her current favorite games are Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, and she has always had a soft spot for World of Warcraft!