Team Liquid Academy signs Rami "Inori" Charagh
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On July 6, Team Liquid announced that they are adding Ramil “Inori” Charagh to their Academy roster effective immediately.

“We’d like to welcome @Inorilol to Team Liquid Academy,” the Team Liquid LoL account tweeted. “Rami is back in competitive League as our Academy Jungler and is eager to help us secure some wins.”

Team Liquid picking him up is a result of Lucas “Santorin” Larsen’s departure earlier this year. Santorin’s sudden absence was due to health concerns that left the player with migraines, reducing his ability to effectively play on the main roster. After Santorin’s departure, the team promoted Jonathan “Armao” Armao to take his place on the main roster. These moves left an opening in their Academy roster, which Inori now fills. Inori joining Team Liquid is just one of the many roster moves that the team has made to both their Academy and main LCS teams this season. One of the largest of these changes was the benching of their superstar top laner Barney “Alphari” Morris.

The roster change not only provides Team Liquid with talent to develop in the form of Inori, but also removes a large weight off of Armao’s shoulders. As of last week, Armao was forced to play for both the Academy roster and its main roster in the LCS.

Team Liquid and Inori’s history

Inori’s addition to Team Liquid’s Academy roster is not the first time he has worked with them. Inori previously played for the team during the 2017 Summer Split. However, he had disappointing results, going 0-4 during his time with the LCS roster. After taking a professional hiatus that featured a few games in the Turkish Champions League, he joined Cloud 9 Academy last year. Here he found his groove, winning both the Summer and Spring Academy splits. The successful Academy player now rejoins Team Liquid, hopefully bringing the success he had on Cloud 9 to his new team.

Inori will make his Team Liquid Academy debut on July 7th against Golden Guardians Academy on the LCS Academy stream.

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