Team Liquid's head analyst Kayys announces departure
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As announced on his personal Twitter, Jack “Kayys” Kayser has mutually parted ways with the Liquid organization. The League of Legends scout and analyst first joined Team Liquid in 2019 as their Head Scout & Analyst. He was soon seen as one of the biggest reasons for Liquid’s success at MSI. This is especially true for their win against Invictus Gaming, which was largely the result of his thorough analysis.

Kayser is currently open to offers from both LCS and LEC teams in the scout or analyst roles.

An unexpected departure

The departure of Kayys after a very successful split is odd, to say the least. He recently appeared on Thoorin and Locodoco’s podcast, where he talked about their MSI and their win against iG and Fnatic. Subsequently, many fans speculated that something he said on the podcast may have led to his departure.

However, Kayys later denied these rumors, saying the reason was ‘irreconcilable differences’. Furthermore, he explained it had nothing to do with performance or ability and noted that the Liquid organization stayed professional through the entire process. The reasoning can be interpreted in many ways, but our guess is it had to be some kind of internal conflict. We hope they will at least partially clear it all up in the next episode of SQUADS.

Kayys’ rich history in the scene

Kayys is no stranger to the competitive League of Legends scene. He previously worked with organizations like eUnited, the DireWolves, and most notably Fnatic. Last year, when Fnatic made it to the Worlds finals, Kayys was part of their valuable coaching staff. This makes his current departure even more unusual, as this marks the second time he has left a thriving organization.

Kayys has become known as a very detail-oriented analyst. We saw some insight into his methods while watching Team Liquid’s SQUAD series. Furthermore, he gave quite a lot of insight on how the Team Liquid organization works in the Listen Loco podcast. There, he stated that Liquid’s coaching staff spends a lot of time trying to figure out how to motivate the players. Specifically, he pointed out Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng and Jake “Xmithie” Puchero as being very hard to motivate to play soloQ. While he later confirmed his departure has nothing to do with what he said on the podcast, we can’t say for sure if he already knew he was leaving at the time that the podcast was recorded.

Nonetheless, we wish Kayys the best of luck in finding a new team and potentially orchestrating another huge upset in the League of Legends scene.

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