Team Vikings IGL Saadhak talks Brazil's improvement and the LATAM region
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Team Vikings were eliminated from VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 2 Masters: Reykjavík on Friday. The Brazilians bowed out after a rough lower bracket run in with Team Liquid, losing both maps by a wide margin. Team Vikings’ Argentinian in-game leader, Matias “Saadhak” Delipetro, said the region will improve because of this event and take important lessons home.

“We watched, we learned and we want to win,” Saadhak said. “You can expect a region that wants to win it all.”

The two teams from Brazil finished in the middle and bottom of the tournament leaderboard. One of the first teams knocked out was Brazil’s Sharks Esports, who left in ninth-tenth place. Team Vikings brought the region above last in the event, and also finished above Latin America’s KRÜ Esports. Team Vikings’ Saadhak said that those looking to up their game in the LATAM region may want to come over to Brazil to improve.

“I think Brazil is a better platform to improve. You have a lot more competition which is going to make you a better player, more money because of the competition,” Saadhak said. “A bigger audience if you want to be a streamer, so overall its a better region.”

But, he also said that fans should keep an eye on the region as people never know who can become the underdog at an international tournament.

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Declan is an esports journalist and part-time editor for Upcomer. He is an avid gamer and League of Legends player. You can find him at the bottom of the leaderboard in most games or on Twitter.