Teamfight Tactics 9.24B patch changes how 3-Stars scale and more
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Riot Games has released details on what is changing in the Teamfight Tactics 9.24B patch. Though 9.24B is the last patch of 2019, it is bringing some fairly substantial changes to the game. The biggest change comes to how 3-Star champions will scale.

3-Star scaling changes in Teamfight Tactics 9.24B

Up till now, when a unit becomes a 3-Star, their health and attack damage has doubled. This strict increase is changing, focusing more on an increase in ability. Now when a champion upgrades, their health and attack damage will increase by 1.8x. Riot gives an example of this in action with the champion Nasus in a video. While the change might not have a huge impact, it allows Riot to differentiate champions a little more with their abilities.

Riot also worked on balancing a number of traits including Inferno, Electric, and Shadow. Damage from the Inferno ability will increase from 120% to 140% every four seconds when the player controls six champions with the Inferno trait. With nine Inferno champions, that bonus increases from 180% to 210%.

Electric and Shadow both get a small nerf in the patch: (3) Shadow Bonus Damage: 70% ⇒ 60% and Electric Damage: 100/300/500 ⇒ 80/250/500.

Meanwhile, Assassins will be changing their bonus critical damage. Because of the unique ability for Assassin champions to move immediately to the back line of their opponents’ champions, Riot determined that they are a little too strong in the meta right now. So here’s the new look:

  • Assassin (3): 75% Crit Damage/10% Crit Chance ⇒ 50% Crit Damage & 10% Crit Chance
  • Nocturne Ability Heal: 40%/60%/80% ⇒ 40%/45%/50%
  • Zed Attack Damage: 80 ⇒ 70
  • Zed Armor: 30 ⇒ 25

Riot wrapped up the patch notes with some smaller changes to the two newest champions to enter Teamfight Tactics, Amumu and Senna. Amumu received a small adjustment to his starting mana and ability range, while Senna had her ability damage decrease a little. Zyra, Rek’Sai, and Brand all received minor adjustments as well, but nothing major compared to the rest of the changes that the 9.24B patch is bringing.

Finally, the Hush and Swordbreaker items have the ability to lock certain attacks and abilities of opponents’ champions, which Riot calls the “I don’t get to play” effect. The chances that the items will activate are being decreased to 25%, down from 33%.

Next year promises to be a big year for Riot Games and Teamfight Tactics, with everything from an MMO to a fighting game and an animated series coming soon. Not to mention Legends of Runeterra will make its public debut. Follow Daily Esports for all your Teamfight Tactics updates, news, and more for when it happens.

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