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On Sunday we covered the initial changes on the PBE for Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14b. Today, the PBE has been further updated and has several more changes up for testing in advance of patch 9.14b’s release later this week. The patch’s expected release date is Wednesday, July 23.

Buffs, nerfs, and changes in patch 9.14b

As we covered on Sunday, the changes to Assassins and how their damage is calculated is now available to try out on the PBE. Here’s the quick full breakdown:

  • Assassins’ crit bonus damage is now 125% (3) / 400% (6) with new damage formula. Overall ~26% damage reduction.
  • The bonus attack speed of the Wild trait is further increased from 8% to 10%. This is the second buff in a row to the Wild trait, following the increase from 7% to 8% in patch 9.14.
  • Nobles now gain 80 armor, 80 magic resist, and 35 health on-hit to 1 random champion or all allies at (3) and (6) Nobles respectively. This is rather than 100 armor and 35 health on-hit.
  • Dragons were a little too powerful. The Dragons trait now reduces magic damage by 83%, the same amount as Dragon’s Claw, rather than a flat immunity.
  • Shapeshifters recently received the (6) tier of Shapeshifters; while it isn’t possible to use yet, it has now been buffed from 100% bonus health on transformation to 120%.
  • The Void trait needed some love. Rather than ignoring 50% of the opponent’s armor (for all allies), Voids will now deal true damage to enemies.
  • Sorcerers (3) now increases the spell damage of all allies by 45% rather than 35% with three sorcerers.

Further changes are expected to come to the Elementalist trait; however, they have not been included in this PBE patch. This expectation is based on a tweet made by Mortdog, one of the game designers of Teamfight Tactics.

For more changes coming in Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14B, be sure to check out our coverage of last Sunday’s update.