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Patch 9.15b should be live in Teamfight Tactics later today, and this time it only brings a few important changes. Riot stated in the patch notes that they are happy with the game’s relatively stable meta. They will continue to monitor it carefully, but the rate at which sweeping changes are rolled out should slow down.

Read on for our breakdown of all changes coming to Teamfight Tactics in patch 9.15b!

Champion balance

Demon Shapeshifter Elise is slightly buffed by the patch, with additional attack damage to both her and her Spiderlings. Since the recent player health damage nerf, she has become a less powerful choice. This should help her win fights more consistently, especially considering the lifesteal buff she gains when transformed.

Tft teamfight tactics twisted fate

On the other hand, late-game powerhouses Kayle and Karthus are getting their wings clipped somewhat. Kayle’s ability, which makes a target friendly champion immune to damage, will cost an additional 25 mana. For his part, Karthus’ devastating ability now deals less damage and hits fewer targets.

As promised, Pyke and Rengar are getting some ability nerfs, while underperformer Twisted Fate is getting buffed with both health and attack damage. Veigar is receiving a small buff to his 2- and 3-star ability damage.

Item balance

Patch 9.15b brings some slight item tweaks too. The Guardian Angel item now revives with 800 health, down from 1000. Morellonomicon burn damage is reduced, while retaining the anti-healing effect. Auto-attack items Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Sword of the Divine are each receiving a slight buff. Guinsoo now adds five percent attack speed per hit, up from four. Sword of the Divine now has a seven percent chance to activate, up from five.

Teamfight Tactics tentative patch 9.15b balance changes

Perhaps the biggest changes are the ones with items Runaan’s Hurricane and Phantom Dancer. Runaan now hits for an additional 75 percent of attack damage, up from 25. For its part, Phantom Dancer now also protects its wearer from critical strikes from enemy abilities. Both changes seem pretty intense on paper, but we won’t really know their impact until the meta settles in the coming week.

The patch notes also indicate some game-breaking bugs with Blitzcrank and the Statikk Shiv item have been fixed. You can read the full list of balance changes in detail in the official Teamfight Tactics patch notes.

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