Teamfight Tactics reveals mobile release date and more
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Riot Games has revealed several updates to the Teamfight Tactics game mode, including the release date for the mobile platform. The updates included a new trailer for the game mode. There’s also a cheat sheet that breaks down some of the mechanics coming in the Galaxies set, which was recently delayed.

Teamfight Tactics will release on Android and iOS devices on March 19. The mobile release will host a limited closed beta on March 17, with the game launching globally two days later. Co-founder and co-chairman of Riot Games Marc Merrill commented on the release, saying, “When we created League of Legends over 10 years ago, we never dreamed it would become this popular with so many players around the world.”

“Now, as League enters its second decade, we’re thrilled to bring an authentic, competitive TFT experience to mobile, the first of many multi-platform efforts players will see this year.”

In the video released earlier today, Riot Games showed off a lot of the new features coming to the game. The new space-themed arena is expansive and gives the impression that you have been flung to the depths of space. Players can earn different rewards, including new Little Legends that emote and potentially interact with each other. New special effects were shown off too, with Little Legends firing huge laser beams and flashy displays of power after every round won.

The Galaxies cheat sheet

Teamfight Tactics Cheat Sheet

Meanwhile, this cheat sheet breaks down the new mechanics coming to Teamfight Tactics, detailing specific characters and what boosts they get. It also confirms several new characters coming to the auto battler, including Rumble, Zoe, Graves, and more.

Some of the more interesting class abilities include the Rebel class, which grants a shield and increased damage the more Rebel units you control. The Celestial class has also seen a bit of a rework, now granting bonus lifesteal based on a percentage of the damage they deal.

Aurelion Sol, a newcomer to TFT, sits in a class of their own called Starship. This unique class grants them the ability to move around the board however they want and makes them immune to maneuverability effects. This massive champion will likely have a powerful special or passive attack since they come with the caveat that they cannot use a basic attack.

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