TFT: How to put together a Cybernetic Blademaster team
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There has been a slew of new and powerful teams in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) since Patch 10.6 went live. One of the strongest team compositions right now utilizes the synergy between Cybernetic Champions and Blademaster Champions. Here’s what you need to know about the team.

TFT’s Cybernetic Champions

Here are the six Cybernetic Champions in TFT.

  • Fiora
  • Leona
  • Lucian
  • Vi
  • Irelia
  • Ekko

Having three Cybernetic Champions will give all Cybernetic units holding an item 35 Attack Damage and 350 Health. Having six will give them 80 Attack Damage and 800 Health. Due to this, this composition wants to get every Cybernetic Champion and have them all equip at least one item.


One of the reasons this team composition is so strong is because of its natural synergy with Blademasters. Fiora and Irelia are also both Blademasters. That means you will only need to get one more to get the Blademaster buff, which gives Blademasters a 30% chance to hit two more times.

Early in the game or mid-game, you can go for a Blademaster like Yasuo, Shen, or Master Yi. Eventually, however, you will want to get Kayle. She’s the strongest Blademaster in TFT that isn’t a Cybernetic unit.


Early in the game, you want to get as many Leonas, Fioras, and Lucians as you can. These units are cheap and common, so they shouldn’t be too difficult to come by. Put Leona and Fiora in the front and keep Lucian in the back. Try to combine a Tear of the Goddess and Sparring Gloves to get a Hand of Justice on Lucian as soon as possible.

In the mid-game, you’ll want to try to combine the three Champions from the early game with some Blademasters. Try to fish for Irelia, Kayle, and Vi at this point. You won’t be able to get Ekko until later on. Wukong is also a decent option to pair with Leona. Remember to keep investing in leveling up as well so that you will have enough room for all eight heroes. If you can, get a Guardian Angel or a Bloodthirster on Irelia for survivability. She’s going to carry most of the damage.


The late game is where this team really excels. If you are able to get Ekko, Kayle, and Miss Fortune, you will have the ideal composition. If you can’t get Miss Fortune, use Wukong instead. Make sure to have one item on every Cybernetic unit to take full advantage of the buff. Put Fiora, Leona, Vi, and Irelia a few spaces apart in the front, and leave the squishier Champions a few spaces apart in the back row.

Teamfight Tactics can be a game of luck, so don’t get discouraged if you wind up losing a few games or not getting the champions you need. Remember to be creative and adapt accordingly to different situations!