TFT Patch 11.11 breakdown: four costs nerfed, five costs buffed
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Just like the patch before it, Teamfight Tactics’ Patch 11.11 is a massive one. After back to back patches that turned sour, Riot is hoping this one puts the meta in line when it is released on Wednesday, May 26. Here are the important highlights that every player should be focusing on in TFT: Reckoning Patch 11.11.

TFT Patch 11.11 infographic
Patch 11.11 comes with a ton of changes. | Provided by to Riot Games

The ‘Core Four’ take a step back

It seemed as though Set 4 carried over to Set 5 with the extreme focus on four cost carries. Patch 11.10, in particular, proved that theory. Between Draven, Mordekaiser, Vel’Koz and, of course, Jax, almost the entire meta was wrapped around these four units. In patch 11.11, Riot is taking power away from the “core four.”

There is an adjustment to the Skirmisher trait; a nerf to Jax. Instead of a flat shield, Skirmishers now gain a shield based on their max HP. However, due to the fact that Jax likes to use shadow items that reduce max HP — like the Shadow Quicksilver Sash — Jax’ main nerf comes in the form of his ramp. His Empowered Strike ability will be  giving less attack speed at one and two-star. Instead of 30%/35% attack speed bonus, Jax will now only gain 20%/25%. This nerf is might make Jax unplayable.

The Draven and Mordekaiser pair has been a terror ever since the set released. To try to keep them in line, Riot is nerfing Mordekaiser again in TFT Patch 11.11. This time, its a mana nerf. Instead of being able to cast his ability at 70 mana, players will need to hit 80. As for Draven, his Spinning Axes will be doing 170% bonus damage, which is down from 180% at one-star. His two-star bonus damage is being reduced from 200% to 180%. Essentially, Draven will be doing the same damage at two-star as he was doing at one-star.

The final four cost getting nerfed is Vel’Koz, who has been the premier AP carry in Set 5 so far. Vel’Koz is getting nerfed in the damage department. His Lifeform Disintegration Ray damage is being reduced by 100 damage at one-star and 100 damage at two-star.

These nerfs, accompanied by the buffs to Aphelios and Karma, should give players more options at the four cost interval for late game carries.

Legendary units step up

One of the biggest complaints in this set, so far, was how bad the legendary five cost units have been. With no chosen mechanic, players feel that five cost units should be more appealing. The four cost carries have been stronger than their higher cost counterparts and Riot is trying to fix that.

Garen and Darius have been mainstays in comps so far in TFT: Reckoning. But, Riot is trying to make them into carry units instead of just utility. Darius, in particular, is the focus here. Both Garen and Darius are getting a mana buff that will allow their first cast to go off quicker by starting at 40 mana instead of 30. Darius is trading out the length and power of his armor shred on his ability for more damage. Garen has been played more than Darius. Therefore, in return for his mana buff, his magic resist shred is being nerfed. These changes will also put back power in the forgotten Mystic and Ironclad traits.

At the start of the set, Volibear was a powerhouse. Riot is restoring that power by giving Volibear some mana buffs to his first cast by letting him start with 100 mana instead of 80. This should ensure that Volibear is able to cast his powerful CC ability before dying.

The biggest buff here is on Heimerdinger. He was designed as one of the premier carry units in the game. However, he hasn’t lived up to the hype. In TFT Patch 11.11, Heimerdinger’s ability damage is being buffed to 100 damage at one-star and 50 at two-star. This should entice players to pick up Heimerdinger more.

Shadow Items get spooky

The main set mechanic for TFT: Reckoning introduced double the current items. However, players are still picking up the original items instead of their cooler counterparts, for the most part. Riot is putting some power into some of the Shadow items to get players thinking about item choices.

Shadow Bloodthirster is one of those items of note. The item sees current play and is getting a buff. Instead of gaining the bonus attack speed for three seconds on the 90% health threshold, it’s being buffed for four. This could be the difference maker in fights.

Shadow Last Whisper might just be the armor and magic resist shred a team could be looking for after the Garen and Darius changes. Instead of 50% shred, the shadow item is now a 70% shred.

But, the biggest change in Patch 11.11, that might have ripples in the meta game for months to come, is the reworked Shadow Trap Claw. Instead of its old effect — which transported the holder next to the unit — its effect will be similar to Zeke’s Herald. The item now states that the holder and the units next to them on the same row will block the first spell casted against  them. This is a game changer as it can give an advantage to the frontline or protect the backline from powerful assassin abilities.

All of these changes and more will go live on May 26.

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