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The Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning season has finally reached its last big patch before the mid-set expansion, releasing on June 23. Patch 11.13 has a ton of new changes and according to  TFT Lead Designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer, there should not be major changes before set 5.5. With that said, this patch features over 30 changes. These aim to put some comps in line and to buff others that are underplayed, along with some item and unit reworks.

Here are the top three things players will need to know when the new TFT Patch 11.13 hits live servers on Wednesday, June 23.

Hellions are back

After being absolutely dominant during patch 11.11, Hellions received some major nerfs, which have put them out of the meta for the last few weeks. But heading into TFT Patch 11.13, Riot has given the little Yordles some big buffs.

All three of the one-cost Hellions are receiving some pretty substantial boosts. Kled now gains his bonus damage on every fourth auto, even while mounted, and is getting a small attack speed buff too. This will make Kled impactful at the start of fights, not just at the end of them.

Poppy is getting a trio of buffs. First she is getting a max mana buff. Instead of 80 mana, her spell now costs only 70. Her spell damage is getting bumped up at three-star. Her “Buckler Toss” will now hit for 400 damage which is up from 350. And finally her spell’s shield is getting buffed at two and three star. “Buckler Toss” now shields Poppy for 375 at two-star and 525 at three-star which is up from 350 and 450 respectively. These changes will make Poppy a good option if players decide to play the Hellion comp reroll style.

The last buff is to Kennen. The main CC tool for the Hellion trait will be able to get his spell off more consistently with a starting mana buff. He will now start with 60 mana on his initial cast which is up from 50. Kennen’s spell “Flame Rush” also does more damage at two and three star.

Ziggs is also getting adjusted. He is losing health for more damage. This will make Ziggs a true glass cannon carry for the Hellion comp.

All together these changes will most certainly put Hellions back on the map in TFT Patch 11.13

Skirmishers are ready to fight once more

Just like Hellions, Skirmishers haven’t been meta relevant since Patch 11.11. But Riot is making sure that changes in TFT Patch 11.13.

To start off, the Skirmisher trait itself is getting buffed. At six Skirmisher synergy, each Skirmisher unit will gain a 45% max health shield, which is up from 40%. The big change, though, is to the nine skirmisher synergy. Skirmishers will now have a 75% max health shield, a 60% increase. These changes should make going deep into the Skimrisher tree more appealing. But its not just the trait receiving buffs.

Nidalee has been very underwhelming the entire set and at best was an item holder for Jax. Riot knew this and has reworked Nidalee to make her a premier carry option in the Skimirsher class. Her spell, Aspect of the Cougar is being reworked. Now instead of her attacks doing bonus damage whenever she crits, she now gets increased attack speed and does bonus damage on every fourth auto attack. These changes will make Nidalee a powerful attack speed carry, which will finally give players a second thought before dropping her the moment they find a Jax.

Finally Jax is receiving a buff to his base attack speed. He will now have .9 attack speed which is up from .85. The buff isn’t major but could be when combined with the rest of the Skirmisher buffs.

Riot wanted Skirmishers to be the big melee vertical. With all the buffs and reworks, Skirmishers may find themselves at the top of the meta game once more.

Yasuo, Ryze among the biggest nerfs

A patch wouldn’t be one without some nerfs. Among the two best comps in Patch 11.12, Forgotten led by Ryze and Nightbringers led by Yasuo have been dominant. In TFT Patch 11.13, Riot is toning these two champs down quite a bit.

Ryze is getting a couple of nerfs. The first is an adjustment to the Forgotten trait. The base attack damage and ability power is being reduced at all ranks. The new numbers for the bonuses are 25/60/125 which is down from 30/70/140. To compensate such a big nerf, Riot is buffing the shadow item bonus from 10% to 15%. This change is designed to make players actually build multiple shadow items if they decide to play the forgotten comp.

The big nerf to Ryze comes with an adjustment to how his Rune Prison spell works. Now when Ryze activates his empowered Rune Prison spell, the secondary targets will only be stunned for half the duration. The main target will still be stunned for the full duration, but this will make Ryze just a good CC tool instead of a broken one.

Yasuo is the other big loser in TFT Patch 11.13. The Nightbringer Legionnaire is getting a couple of nerfs to his damage output. His Burning blade spell damage is being lowered at all ranks. His stacking on hit damage is also being nerfed at all ranks.

Players will have access to all of these changes when the patch goes live on June 23.

ASU alum with a B.A in Sports Journalism, Warren is one of the premier TFT Journalists in the scene and is a decent TFT player as well who has peaked Challenger and has had multiple accounts in Master+ over all sets. Warren also specializes in other esports content including League of Legends, Valorant, Smash Bros, and more.