TFT: Reckoning Patch 11.14 Rundown: Legionnaire buffed, Garen nerfed
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The final patch for the first half of Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning has arrived. Since the major mid-set finale is happening on this patch, Riot Games doesn’t want to make big changes, so the 11.14 patch is on the smaller side. With that said, there are some interesting things players should know heading into the last set before TFT Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes. Here are the top three changes coming in TFT: Reckoning Patch 11.14, which releases Wednesday, July 7.

Yasuo died So Legionnaires can fly

When it comes to traits being touched on in TFT: Reckoning patch 11.14, the biggest change is coming in the form of a buff to the Legionnaire class. The heavy attack speed-focused trait is getting even more attack speed in the new patch. The attack speed bonus at the two unit mark is staying the same, but at every other tier, the trait is getting buffed. The 4/6/8 bonuses are going from 60/110/195 percent attack speed to 65/120/200 percent. This will allow the big carries in the class, like Draven and Kayle, to be more viable.

The drawback is that Yasuo, who has been the best performing Legionnaire in the last couple of patches, is being nerfed again. The Nightbringer Legionnaire is getting his three-star damage, on his ability, changed for the second patch in a row. In TFT Patch 11.14, Yasuo will be dealing 650 damage on his Burning Blade ability instead of 700. His on-hit damage on Burning Blade is also being decreased from 70 to 65.

Legendary utility units adjusted

Garen and Volibear have taken turns being the premier utility units throughout the entirety of TFT: Reckoning so far. However, Garen has been the best utility unit in the last few patches. In hopes of making Volibear more viable, Riot is buffing Volibear while also nerfing Garen in TFT Patch 11.14.

On the nerf side, Garen is getting his God-Lion’s Justice Shield lowered. His max-health shield percentage on his ability is going down from 40/50 percent at one and two star, to 35/45 percent. The duration on the shield is also being lowered from five seconds to four seconds. This will make it a little bit harder for Garen to cast multiple times in a fight without players committing items to him.

Volibear on the other hand is getting two buffs to his Doombringer ability. The first is a damage buff. At two-star, Doombringer will now do a base 300 damage, which is up from 250. His second buff is a little more impactful. His Doombringer ability will now stun for a half a second longer at two star. This means that any enemy unit caught in the Doombringer radius wont be able to react for three and a half seconds, which may make Volibear a more desirable utility unit than Garen in patch 11.14.

Spellweavers get some love

The Spellweaver trait rounds out the most impactful changes in TFT: Reckoning patch 11.14. With Garen receiving some nerfs, Spellweavers may be in a situation where they’ll need some additional damage if Garen can’t live long enough to shred magic resist. That’s exactly what they are getting in the final patch before the mid-set.

Spellweavers at the 2/4 trait bonuses are gaining additional base ability power. Spellweavers will now have 25 bonus ability power at the two unit bonus, up from 20. At the four unit bonus they will now have 55 ability power, instead of 50. When it comes to individual units getting buffed, Brand is getting a 50 HP buff from 550 to 600.

That rounds out the big changes for the TFT: Reckoning 11.14 patch. The mid-set finale is right around the corner, and will be the final big event before the launch of TFT Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes at the end of July.

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