TFT patch 11.15 notes: Hotfix nerfs Hecarim, Sejuani and Irelia
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History repeats itself for Teamfight Tactics. Just like at the start of the TFT: Reckoning expansion, the mid-set patch has run into a couple of problems. After a hotfix to nerf the overpowered Draconic Abomination strategy, Riot Games is issuing another hotfix for TFT patch 11.15, but in bigger form.

TFT lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer announced last week that since the current 11.15 patch is the first one of the new Dawn of Heroes expansion and that the patch will last longer than usual thanks to Riot’s Mid-Summer break, TFT will have a “B-Patch” to bring down some of the strongest champions in the game. The patch will address five champions and one item and the patch will go live on Wednesday, July 28th.

The patch will be addressing Mortdog’s concerns of what he calls “super tanks.” In a reddit thread, he outlined that there are currently three units that qualify as super tanks that can reach unkillable levels. Irelia, Sejuani, and Hecarim are three of the targets in the B-patch. He also mentioned that although Lucian and Miss Fortune are getting nerfs, they are weird cases. He stated that Lucian is “insanely strong” during stage four but falls off later in the game.

Mortdog added that Miss Fortune is doing more damage than what a three-cost unit should do but doesn’t want the B-Patch to thrash the meta. A slight damage nerf and an Archangel’s Staff nerf should put her more in line but he also stated that more nerfs may happen in 11.16. Soraka is also getting a mana nerf due to her casting a bit too much.

Changes in TFT patch 11.15 B-patch hotfix

Hecarim healing 350–>200/225/250

Irelia Attack Damage 70–>65; Max damage reduction during ability cast 90%–>80%

Sejuani mana 0/60–>20/80

Soraka mana 30/70–>40/80

Miss Fortune Ability damage 250/400/750–>250/375/700

Lucian Attack Damage 75–>70

Archangel’s Passive 45% mana converted–>40% mana converted

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