TFT Set 6 mechanic revealed along with Duos game mode
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Today, Riot Games released a video showing what’s coming up for Teamfight Tactics. In the clip, Riot showcases Set 6’s mechanic, the new TFT Labs game mode and some brand new cosmetic options. Here’s a breakdown of everything coming to TFT Set 6, which releases in early November.

Set 6 Mechanic revealed to be “Hextech Augments”

Just like the previous sets, Set 6 will feature a brand new mechanic that’ll shape the game plays in a major way. In the new set, the Radiant items will be replaced with “Hextech Augments.” Hextech Augments will be offered throughout each game and will grant various powers to each player.

Some of these augments will enhance player comps. For example, a certain augment will give all ranged champions an additional two hexes of range. Another makes every champion on a player’s board a pseudo-cybernetic unit. That augment grants an extra 200 HP and 20 Attack Damage to any champion that’s holding an item.

But some augments will alter the rules a little more. For example, one augment gives players one additional gold and a free shop re-roll every time they lose a round. This makes playing a “lose streak” style more rewarding. One of the more exciting augments grants the player the ability to always see which opponent they will fight during each round.

There are a ton of different Hextech Augments that will make each game feel unique.

Four way 2v2 mode will be the next “TFT Labs”

After the successful launch of the first TFT Lab, Hyperoll, the dev team went back to work and has produced a long-time requested game mode. Although the name of the mode hasn’t been decided, the 2v2v2v2 mode, seen in other autobattlers and the Chinese TFT game, Battle of Golden Spatula, is finally coming to TFT.

In this mode, players will queue up with a friend and fight off against three other teams of two. Each team will control their own board but they will have a shared health pool. The goal is simple, be the last team standing.

This mode is set to launch shortly after Set 6 drops in early November.

Chibi Champions will debut in Set 6

Another set of items that have been present in Battle of Golden Spatula are brand new player avatars. Up until this point, Little Legends have been the only avatars available in TFT. But, in Battle of Golden Spatula, mini versions of League of Legends champions were made available as player avatars. In Set 6, Riot Games is bringing that idea to TFT.

Little Legends will not be going away though. Chibi Champions will just bring a new way for players to express themselves with familiar faces. These new player avatars do not come from eggs, as players will be able to buy them directly from the League of Legends client.

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