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The first year of Valorant was exciting for many reasons. If you’re into cosmetics, you got plenty of awesome weapon skins to admire, even if you didn’t buy them for yourself. Here, we take a look at the best melee weapon skins from 2020.

Here are our four favorites, along with why we think they are the best.

The best Melee Weapon skins in Valorant

4. Sovereign Sword

Best Melee Weapons Valorant

The Sovereign Sword comes complete with a new weapon and a new set of animations. Your knife becomes a sword and your character wields it as such, with cool slicing animations. The sword is silver with a nifty little glow to it.

3. Prime Axe

This weapon skin turns your knife into a futuristic-looking axe. The Prime Axe also comes with some cool new animations. The axe is gold and purple, following the base color scheme of the rest of the set. You can also upgrade the axe to get a glow effect on its interior.

2. WinterWunderland Cane

The WinterWunderland Cane turns your Valorant melee weapon into a candy cane. You can spend Radianite Points to change the color of your cane, making this a humorous and unique skin. While it doesn’t look quite as lethal as others, it’s definitely one of the most fun skins in the game.

1. Glitchpop Dagger

Best Melee Weapons Valorant

The Glitchpop Dagger is by far in a way one of the coolest weapon skins in the entire game. It comes complete with a visual effect upgrade that makes it glow and gives your strikes a visual effect. It also has special swinging and equipping animations. If you haven’t seen this one in action, be sure to check it out.

There are plenty of awesome melee skins as well. The Reaver, Elderflame, and G.U.N. skins all deserve shout-outs as well. What do you think the best Valorant melee weapons are?