The 5 best Ground Pokémon in Pokémon Sword and Shield
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Ground-type Pokémon are always good picks for battles, because they are immune to Electric moves and do well against the ever-popular Steel-types. The best Ground Pokémon generally have a secondary type to help give them more coverage, as Flying is immune to Ground attacks.

Here are the five best Ground Pokémon in Pokémon Sword and Shield, along with what makes them so good.

The 5 best Ground Pokémon

5. Rhyperior

best Ground Pokémon

Rhyperior was one of most popular Pokémon at the beginning of the Pokémon Sword and Shield format. While it has lost a lot of popularity, it’s still a strong option. It’s incredibly hard to KO due to its Solid Rock ability and it works well with a Weakness Policy in Trick Room teams.

4. Mamoswine

This Ice/Ground-type Pokémon works well in doubles as a physical attacker. It has a high base Attack stat along with good HP to help it survive. Ice is extremely valuable right now due to the amount of popular Flying and Dragon types. Mamoswine brings both Ground and Ice to the mix and works well as a counter to popular picks.

3. Gastrodon

best Ground Pokémon

Gastrodon is one of the best Ground Pokémon in doubles battles due to its ability. Storm Drain will absorb Water attacks, which helps protect its partner from these attacks. It’s also one of the few Ground-type special attackers out there. It has good bulk, decent Special Attack, and a great ability.

2. Excadrill

Excadrill is always a threatening Ground attacker. Its Mold Breaker ability allows it to hit Pokémon with Levitate, like Rotom, with Ground-type attacks. If it chooses to go with Tyranitar as a partner, it can take Sand Rush for its ability, which will help it outspeed most opposing Pokémon.

1. Landorus

The best Ground Pokémon award goes to Landorus-Therian. It has Intimidate for its ability, Flying as its second type, 145 base Attack, and works well in almost every party. Landorus is a huge threat when it Dynamaxes, because it gains access to Max Airstream to increase the speed of itself and its partner in doubles battles.