The Apex Legends Season 2 trailer drops tomorrow: What to expect
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Today the official Apex Legends Twitter account announced the arrival of the Season 2 launch trailer. The trailer will be available tomorrow at the link below, and it will showcase what to expect from the July 2 official launch.

For those of you wondering why a trailer deserves its own announcement, you have to remember Apex Legends is a hype-based experience. With that in mind, here are the things we are most hyped to see in tomorrow’s launch trailer!

More Wattson

Without question, Wattson is one of the most important new things to come to the game in the second season. Not only is she a completely unique legend in terms of gameplay, but she will also play a big role in the narrative. We can definitely expect to see more gameplay from her in the Season 2 launch trailer.

Flyers attacking players

While they are already in the game, the meek loot delivery systems we got to shoot at don’t feel like the flyers’ final form. Almost nothing from what we have seen data-mined about the flyers has been shown yet.

The leaks warn of angry behavior and flyers attacking drop ships. And the Season 1 launch trailer showed us a swarm of them hovering threateningly around a supply pod. An actual preview of what role the flyers – and possibly the Leviathans – would play in Apex Legends Season 2 would be great.

Footage of the L-star and weapon buffs in action

As the most leaked-about and one of the most powerful future weapons in Apex Legends, the L-star is a big deal. We have no doubt some action sequences of it shredding legends will make their way into the launch trailer.

We would also like to see some footage of the weapons Respawn will buff in Season 2.

New clues

As is Respawn’s tradition, they will likely throw the Apex Legends community some vague new hints too. Keep your eyes open for details hidden in the background of the trailer!

If we are lucky, Respawn might acknowledge some of the things which have been data-mined and otherwise discovered but never announced. We are talking Beast Hunt, akimbo mode, Rosie, and lots more.

Season 2 starts on July 2. Until then, stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Apex Legends news and content!