The Call of Duty League releases more details about Path to Pro for 2020
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The Call of Duty League is starting to ramp up in preparation for its 2020 launch. The inaugural season is set to begin in early 2020, but until today we didn’t know much else surrounding the league. Now, however, the CDL has released all new information about its amateur scene along with some details about the professional side of things. It’s safe to say that amateurs will receive more support than ever when the CDL officially launches in 2020.

The Path to Pro route revealed

In essence, the Path to Pro, now called Call of Duty Challengers, is where non-professional players can compete. Using the same rules as professionals, Call of Duty Challengers will consist of any team that simply signs up.

Throughout the life cycle of the 2020 CDL, numerous online and LAN competitions will be held for Challengers. Taking place at official CDL events in different organizations’ home arenas, the Challengers’ events have a prize pool of $1 million for 2020 alone.

2020 Call of Duty League

While any team can sign up for this prize pool, the seeding will depend on how well you play. In years past, we’ve had CWL Pro Points that helped determine seeding for the tournaments at each event. The team with the highest number of Pro Points would earn the higher seed in either professional or Open tournaments.

The same goes for Challengers, as Pro Points are now Challengers Points. Earned online or through LAN events, Challengers Points are a way to see how your team compares to another. Online ladders for these Points will take place on MLG GameBattles, where you can sign your team up and start competing right away. These ladders go live on Nov 2, with registration open on Oct 30. Every player on a Challenger team must have an MLG account to take part.

In regards to online tournaments, the top 64 teams in any given Challenger tournament will earn Points. For both ladders and tournaments, you must be 18 years or older to compete.

More details for the professional side of the CDL

In addition to the reveal of Call of Duty Challengers, some more information was released for the professional portion of the CDL. Announced on Twitter by Xav de Matos, Head of PR at the CDL, the CDL officially starts in early 2020. There will be 26 events in total, including the end-of-year Call of Duty Championships.

For these events, each CDL team will host two Home Series. This means that every event will take place in a certain city’s arena, meaning they draw the home advantage. We’re not sure how far apart these events will be from each other. However, it’s safe to assume it won’t be more than a few weeks.

More details have still yet to be released regarding the Call of Duty League, so stay tuned to Daily Esports so you don’t miss any news!

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