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The Peacekeeper is one of the flagship weapons of Apex Legends, one of the few not found in the previous Titanfall games. Respawn designed this powerful shotgun specifically for combat at Kings Canyon. It functions very differently from the other three shotguns in the game, starting with its apparent railgun-like design. The Peacekeeper uses battery-like shells, which eject energy-propelled slugs. Despite this design, it has one of the lowest projectile speeds in the game, though it’s still average for a shotgun.

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To get a basic feel of the weapon’s performance and characteristics, check out our primer on Apex Legends’ shotguns. The Peacekeeper has the lowest DPS in the class, and the gap increases with bolts equipped. It scales not only worse than other shotguns, but also differently. Whereas the fully-automatic Mozambique and EVA-8 get an increase in fire-rate from bolts, the Peacekeeper instead rechambers more quickly between shots.

Apex Legends Peacekeeper concept art by Ryan Lastimosa

The Peacekeeper’s power comes from its burst damage. Outside of legendary weapons, this is the hardest-hitting weapon in the game in terms of 1-shot potential. In the early game, it can often drop targets with a single blast, even if they have a helmet and body shield equipped. Later on in the match, it retains its power, although it takes a bit more skill to finish heavily-armored legends.

Best practices

Harnessing the Peacekeeper’s destructive potential in Apex Legends hinges on good movement and spatial awareness. Take the time to line up your shot: it’s better to land a couple of big blasts on target than to keep grazing them. Considering the shotgun’s limited magazine and slow fire rate, you want to make every shot count.

More importantly, you want to stay mobile between shots. Fire from the hip – unless you have a threat optic and a choke equipped, there is no increase to accuracy when aiming down sights. Make sure to play with your available cover to remain safe while rechambering and reloading.

Peacekeeper at a glance Apex Legends

The Precision Choke hop-up makes the Peacekeeper surprisingly good at delivering damage at mid-range. It doesn’t improve its low DPS, however, so you won’t be finishing enemies faster than you would if you ran up to them with an EVA-8, for example.

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