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The RE-45 is a ubiquitous find in Kings Canyon. More often than not, you will see one right after landing, usually on a pile of P2020s. It’s common, because it’s not great. Respawn designed the RE-45 to fit on the lower end of Apex Legends’ weapon power curve.

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Still, in those frantic early firefights, the humble autopistol might be just enough to let you come out on top. This guide will teach you how to get the most out of the RE-45 before you find another weapon!

RE-45 overview

The RE-45 is essentially a scaled-down R-99 with just enough nuance to make it a different gun. A different, worse gun. Its main strengths are its very fast handling and reloading, plus great mobility while aiming down sights.

Re-45 apex legends legendary skin

If you happen to find the parts for it right away, the RE-45 is a functional weapon. This is especially true if you get the Disruptor Rounds hop-up, which increases its damage against shields by 45 percent. Following the hop-up, your priority attachment is any x1 scope or a digital threat optic. The RE-45 autopistol is the only weapon in Apex Legends with no ironsight magnification. Its default view distance is the same whether hipfiring or aiming down sights.

You should drop the RE-45 as soon as you find any other light ammo gun. Its parts scale much better on the R-99 and Alternator. Both guns do more damage, maintain their accuracy at slightly longer range, and even handle faster with stocks equipped.

How to use it

The autopistol is an exclusively close-range weapon. With a good barrel, you can hit enemies at its optimal headshot range of 40 meters, but you cannot reliably down them. Regardless of how far your target is, always aim down sights. The RE-45 lets you move at 95 percent of your regular movement speed while aiming, and its recoil is much lighter when doing so.

RE-45 at a glance Apex Legends

When engaging with an autopistol, consider your surroundings. You need to be close to your target but also close to cover to allow yourself to reload frequently. On that note, the RE-45 requires you carry at least three stacks of light ammo.

In the hands of a legend suited for close-range combat, the RE-45 can still win fights, although with more effort than almost any other weapon. If you really want to bring it into the later stages of the match, make sure to kit it completely and put a close-range digital threat optic on it.

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