The roadmap for the Epic Games Store has been changed
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In a recent blogpost by Epic Games, the creators of the massively popular game Fortnite announced plans to change the development roadmap for their digital storefront. The Trello page for the Epic Games Store is used to show features for the store that have been recently shipped or are currently being worked on.

What’s changing?

The changes to the Trello page are quite small. However, they give Epic Games a lot more freedom going forward. The change is to remove the expected times of delivery of upcoming features for the game and the store. Going forward, the items found on the Trello page will include stuff such as the projects currently in active development, what has been released recently, and what will be coming in the future for the Epic Games Store. The current plans for the Trello roadmap are for it to be updated every two weeks as the development of the Epic Games Store continues.

What’s currently in the works for the Epic Games Store?

There are several aspects of the Epic Game Store that are currently being worked on. A lot of these changes are made to make the store feel more similar to Steam. These features include tracking player playtime while in-game. Besides this, another feature that will be offered soon is price protection. This will be introduced to better compete with other platforms. Additionally to this, better discoverability for new games being hosted on the Epic Games Store is a high priority.

The one major aspect that the community is looking forward to is the support for player-designed modifications. These mods often become a massive part of a core game’s available content. One of the best examples for this is Skyrim, a game that, while fantastic on its own, really becomes special with the support of the community-made mods.

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