The VALORANT NA Last Chance Qualifier will be hosted on LAN
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In a press release today, Riot Games, the developers and tournament organizers of VALORANT, revealed that the Last Chance Qualifier for Champions will be hosted offline. 

The event will be hosted on LAN, making it one of the few VALORANT events to be hosted offline this year. It will not feature a live audience, however, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

The VALORANT Last Chance Qualifier will feature ten teams and a double elimination format. The event will take place from Oct. 12-17, following the conclusion of VCT Berlin, the second masters event of the year. 

There are several teams that could make it to Champions through the last chance qualifier at the end of the year. This event will act as the final method of qualification following the conclusion of Masters Berlin on Sept. 19. 

TSM, one of the most popular teams in North America, are just shy of automatic qualification for the VALORANT Last Chance Qualifier. TSM have to rely on their North American rivals Sentinels, Envy or 100 Thieves winning Berlin in order to secure qualification for the qualifier. 

The teams that are eligible for the VALORANT Last Chance Qualifier are as follows: Envy, 100 Thieves, Version1, FaZe Clan, XSET, Luminosity Gaming, Cloud9 Blue, Gen.G Esports and Rise.

The VALORANT Last Chance Qualifier will allow one team from North America the chance to compete at Champions; the biggest VALORANT event of the year. The event will take place from Dec. 1-13. Sentinels have already earned enough VCT circuit points to secure qualification for the event and will therefore not participate in the last chance qualifier. 

George is the lead reporter for Upcomer from the United Kingdom.