Tilted Town leaked as a Wild West makeover for Tilted Towers in Fortnite
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When Fortnite Season X launched, Epic Games promised to deliver some huge changes. In their official patch notes, they hinted at some old locations coming back and shaking up the game. Well, according to leaks, Tilted Towers may be the first of these — as a Wild West Tilted Town.

Whenever a new season of Fortnite launches, data-miners go into the in-game files and dig for new information. Epic Games always puts future cosmetics and upcoming events within these files for future use. Data-miner FireMonkey did some digging in these files and made a noteworthy discovery about Neo Tilted.

Tilted Town replacing Neo Tilted?

Epic Games made the surprising decision to remake the entire map when Season 9 launched. This included redesigning Tilted Towers for the first time ever. Turning it into Neo Tilted, the location didn’t feel the same after the redesign.

However, it looks like Epic is trying to recapture some of that Fortnite Season 2 Tilted magic. Thanks to FireMonkey, we have our first look at another full-fledged Tilted makeover. Allegedly named Tilted Town, this makeover will transform futuristic Neo Tilted into a Wild West showdown.

All photo credit goes to @iFireMonkey on Twitter.

A prefab of a building in Tilted Town
Tilted Town out of Tilted Towers, Neo Twisted in Fortnite Season X
Tilted Town will be the first in a series of location alterations
Tilted Town out of Tilted Towers, Neo Twisted in Fortnite Season X
A recreation of the classic Tilted Towers Clocktower in Tilted Town

There is no word from these leaks on when this redesign will occur. However, since there are so many images in the files, we can assume sometime very soon.

More locations to come

As Epic said in their patch notes, Fortnite Season X will feature a plethora of map changes. This means Tilted Town won’t be the only location to receive a makeover. Epic did make it clear, however, that “old locations” would be returning to the map. So spots like Retail Row and Greasy Grove could see their revival.

We will be sure to keep you updated with any further information on Tilted Town! In the meantime, stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Fortnite Season X coverage.

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