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Almost all teams have already been eliminated from the 2020 season in the Overwatch League. Due to this, news is slowly starting to come out about off-season deals. However, the Toronto Defiant have been leading the league in fun post-playoff content. They already hosted a GOATs only tournament to rave reviews. However, this time they are looking to reward specific people in their community. In this case, the Toronto Defiant have created a “Community Hero” vote, aiming to recognize and reward supporters for leaving a positive impact behind them.

What is this vote?

To start, members of the Defiant made a post on Twitter about this.

It all begins with something simple—to notice the people within their community who do good. Within the Defiant community in particular, they showed some key members in their video above. However, the rewards are truly something special. As the vote is sponsored by TD Canada, each month the winner will win a Defiant jersey with a custom TD patch. Also, the winner gets a $500 donation to a charity of their choice. The last Friday of each month will be the reveal date of each month’s victors.

The selection committee for the Defiant are the general manger Alban “Albless” De La Grange, streamer Nathan “KarQ” Chan and a TD representative Alyssa Porter. With this news, it’s probably obvious that Albless and KarQ are staying with the Defiant. With the moves that have been happening around the league, this news and these events bring happiness. For example, the recent news of the London Spitfire and Dallas Fuel might bring hope to their fans, but not necessarily fun. However, the Toronto Defiant have been at the forefront of fun public events or votes that reward players and fans. Hopefully teams across the league follow suit for the off-season and make the time waiting more enjoyable.

If you want to make votes of your own for this, click this link.

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