Truo joins Immortals Valorant roster as additional duelist
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Immortals announced that they signed Canadian player Robert “Truo” Pham to their Valorant roster, formerly of teams Frick Ya Bag, on June 30 and Farmers. After earlier reporting from George Geddes mentioning his eventual move to Immortals, it has come to fruition. Immortals added another duelist to the roster, making it clear that Immortals want to make an impact for the next event.

“The rumors are truo. Please join us in welcoming @truVAL to IMT VALORANT,” the Immortals account tweeted.

Truo’s future with Immortals

Primarily a duelist, Truo has shown off his individual skill in the lower tiers of competitive play. Most recently playing in the May Qualifiers of the Nerd Street Gamers Summer Championship for Frick Ya Bag, his team finished towards the bottom. As a Jett player, his stats were good, considering his team finished low. This was something consistent in his play across the tournament. With Immortals taking a chance with him, he gets to play on a better roster.

Immortals themselves are looking to improve from their performances in April – adding three players to their roster. Truo is the third and will challenge Rhett “Kehmicals” Lynch for the starting Duelist spot. It would be hard to start him for the upcoming North American VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 3 Challengers Open Qualifier 1 with how recently he joined the team. However, over time, Truo can try to show his skills and fit into this potentially great roster. If Immortals run him in over Kehmicals as soon as this upcoming event, coordination could be an issue.

Either way, Immortals gets Truo to help their team reach the same heights they did back in February. Reaching the finals of the North America Stage 1 Challengers 1 of the VCT has been their peak. Truo could be the piece they need to return back to the top.

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