TSM suffer surprising loss to IMT in hour-long game
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TSM fans cheered as they witnessed their 60-minute game against Immortals ending in a loss. The North American League of Legends superstar team had experienced their first defeat in the 2020 LCS Spring Split — and in pronounced fashion.

Accepting loss

TSM started the game with a motivation to win, but that feeling slowly diminished as the game progressed. It’s uncommon to hear an hour-long LCS match happen, and viewers were just relieved to watch it end. As Immortals played their second game in the Spring Split, fans were excited to see the outcome. Unfortunately for TSM, they received plenty of feedback and criticism from fans and hosts once they lost.

The hour had started with TSM picking an early-game team composition. Plenty of Reddit users criticized the picks and bans, stating that Immortals had the stronger champions. If anything, TSM mid laner Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg playing as LeBlanc should have been leading throughout the game. Overall, many viewers commented that he was not aggressive enough against the enemy team, ultimately leading to tough team fights.

Not focused on priorities

Another issue many fans pointed out was that TSM was not as composed as it should have been. As Immortals allowed TSM to get their early leads, the team missed a few key points. Ultimately, lack of vision, lack of objectives, and not enough damage led to the loss they experienced yesterday. While Immortals earned four Dragons and two Barons, TSM were figuring out ways to apply pressure. In any case, mistakes were made, and they can hopefully only learn from them.

The loss comes as a surprise to League of Legends fans as TSM recently went to Korea for boot camp. Fans figured it had prepared them to face off against their enemies in the LCS. Even the hosts and esports figures were surprised, as they took to Twitter to share their thoughts.


Let’s hope TSM has better future matches to come. The LCS Sprint Split just started, and we’re all looking forward to the banter, wins, and losses. Keep yourself in the LCS loop by following us on Daily Esports.