Twitch Drops, Doritos, Totino's offer Modern Warfare in-game loot
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Activision has partnered with live streaming platform Twitch to give Call of Duty players a way to earn Modern Warfare in-game rewards. By watching your favorite content creator’s Call of Duty streams, fans can earn a variety of cosmetics through Twitch Drops. Various food and beverage brands like Doritos, Mountain Dew, and Totino’s are offering content as well.

Modern Warfare Twitch loot

Fans interested in taking advantage of this limited-time partnership need to link their Call of Duty account to their Twitch account. However, the in-game cosmetic rewards can only be earned by tuning into streams where the broadcaster has manually enabled Twitch Drops. There will be a small message stating whether or not a stream is eligible if one is not sure. 

Call of Duty in-game loot

One can also watch multiple streamers as long as they are all “Drop eligible” because the watch time will be accumulated. For Twitch streamers interested in providing this benefit to their watchers, one simply has to make sure they are streaming under the official Modern Warfare Twitch directory.

Call of Duty fans tuning in can earn the Poison Grapes spray by watching one hour, Looking Grim emblem with two hours, Collect Your Soul calling card with three hours, and Reap This weapon charm with four hours. 

Double XP with Doritos and Totino’s

Like an annual Call of Duty tradition, players can also earn double experience points by purchasing Doritos and Mountain Dew products. Fans purchasing specially marked Doritos bags can find a code on the back, with 3.125 oz bags giving 15 minutes of XP and 9.75 oz bags giving an hour. A similarly tiered promotion is given for Mountain Dew products, with an exclusive Modern Warfare operator skin for the first Game Fuel product code entered as well.

Call of Duty Totinos loot

In addition, players can earn in-game digital content for Modern Warfare by purchasing Totino’s products like Pizza Rolls, Mini Snack Bites, and Multi-Pack Party Pizzas. This is part of a partnership that was previously announced in September of 2019. The first code can be redeemed towards an animated calling card, second for an in-game watch, and third for a weapon charm. 

Fans that don’t have access to these products can also choose to purchase codes off sites like eBay at a lower price point. Have you purchased any of these items for Double XP, or will you be taking the free route instead? Let us know in the comments and keep up with Daily Esports for all Call of Duty coverage!

Ethan Chen is a writer with over 3 years of experience covering esports, gaming, and business.