Twitch Prime teams up with Riot to offer League of Legends rewards
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Here’s some great news for League of Legends players, especially if you’re a member of Twitch Prime. Riot Games will be teaming up with the popular streaming platform to offer those with a Twitch Prime membership four full months of rewards.

What’s more, this all begins today. They’re kicking things off with the first reward being a Rift Herald’s Capsule. Inside that capsule you will find two random skin shards, one exclusive emote, and one Legendary skin shard. If you aren’t already a Twitch Prime member, perhaps this will entice you to become one. It’s sure to tempt hardcore League players, at least.

You’ll want to collect the first capsule before the promotion ends, because after that you will automatically get a new capsule every 30 days! These three additional capsules will contain the same amount and type of reward as the first one. The last reward capsule, however, is one worth waiting for. Inside that, you will find one random Legendary permanent skin, another random skin shard, and a final exclusive emote.

How to claim

To take advantage of this deal, simply log into your Twitch Prime account and visit the rewards page for League of Legends. Your in-game account must be linked to your Twitch Prime account in order to get your first capsule, though, so make sure you have done that first. After you have done that, the Rift Herald’s Capsule should appear in your loot inventory the next time you log in to play.

The other capsules you will get every 30 days will automatically be deposited into your crafting inventory. Don’t wait too long, as you only have until August 28 to take advantage of this offer and get some pretty sweet prizes in return.

This is not the first time Twitch Prime has teamed up with games to offer exclusive loot for their subscribers. It probably won’t be the last, either. Let us know if you plan on utilizing this offer. Feel free to share what you get in the comments below!