Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 Ultimate Jam - Old world record holder wins
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The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Ultimate Jam competition has come to an end. The tournament, hosted by world skating champion Renton Millar, had three categories for participants to take part in. Players entered their fastest runs, biggest tricks and highest scores, in an attempt to win big. More than 10,000 people tuned into the competition, witnessing a previous world record holder take the victory.

Competition format winners

The goal of the JAM event is to wrack up the highest score on a single trick. Players had to record this trick in the Warehouse Skatepark, one of Pro Skater’s most well-know levels. Bshayy, a competitor from New Zealand, took home the crown for the JAM format, with a recorded score of 72,689,812. Bshayy also won the COMBO format. The COMBO format looks for the highest possible score from a single combo, this time on the School Skatepark level. Here, Bshayy recorded a massive score of 169,899,840.

As for the SPEED format, players needed to complete all challenges in the Warehouse in the fastest time possible. In the lead up to the finals, one of the participants, Crofty, held the world record for the fastest speedrun in the Warehouse, but it has since been beaten. Even so, Crofty took the victory here, with second place falling just behind Crofty by less than half a second. Crofty now holds the 2nd fastest time ever, but his finals time fell just short of his own record, at a time of 0:48.852. Watch the incredibly tight finish here:

Each format champion received a prize pack, containing a Tony Hawk-signed Birdhouse Deck board, a set of trucks and a $500 PUMA voucher. The final standings for each competition format were as follows:

The host’s thoughts and where to rewatch

In a recent interview with host Renton Millar, he told Upcomer that he “thought at the start I could maybe compete, but realised the level of talent was super high, so I’m just better to commentate, and play for fun.” At the conclusion of the competition, Renton said “it’s been an absolute pleasure and an honour to be part of this historic moment with this tournament, the first time in the world that it’s happened”. If you missed out on the first-in-the-world Tony Hawk’s Ultimate Jam, along with its world record attempts, you can rewatch all the action on the ORDER YouTube channel.

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