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Not all guns are created equal in Valorant, and some guns significantly outperform others. We’ve seen plenty of changes to gunplay and specific guns since the game’s release in June. So, it’s time to take another look at the best guns now in Act 3.

Here’s our official gun Tier List, including what the tiers mean and why we put the Valorant  Act 3 guns where they are.


These are simply the best Act 3 guns in the game for their price. They are good buys at every rank and don’t have many weaknesses.

  • Vandal: There isn’t much bad to say about the Vandal. It kills anyone in one headshot or four body shots from any distance. Its high damage output more than makes up for its inconsistent spray at times. It and the Phantom are the best guns in Valorant.
  • Phantom: The Phantom’s spray is easier to control than that of the Vandal, but it also does slightly less damage and has slight damage falloff. This gun works great from close to mid-range where it still does high damage and you get a more controlled spray.
  • Ghost: The Ghost is easily the best pistol. It only costs 500 credits and a headshot will kill an enemy if they don’t have shields. While it doesn’t quite pack the same punch as the Sheriff, it’s easier to control, costs less, and has almost triple the ammo.


These Act 3 guns are great, but a little more situational than those in S-Tier. There are also more obvious weaknesses with A-Tier guns.

  • Operator: Valorant‘s signature sniper rifle got a heavy set of nerfs which dropped it from S to A tier. It’s still incredibly good, but at 5,000 credits, it’s an extremely risky buy. If you wind up losing it and giving it to the other team, you’re likely going to regret it. It’s also a little harder to use than it once was.
  • Spectre: The Spectre is the premier cheap gun. It’s a great option if you need to buy something but can’t afford a Vandal or Phantom. It’s accurate and its spray is easy to control, all for only 1,600 credits.
  • Classic: The Classic pistol earns its spot here partly because it’s free, and partly because it’s honestly the second-best option on pistol round. If you don’t choose to buy the Ghost, you can buy light shields and roll with the Classic. The burst fire is OP at times too.
  • Marshall: This is the inferior sniper rifle that doesn’t kill with a body shot unless your enemy doesn’t have any shields. Nevertheless, it’s extremely cheap at only 1,100 credits and it still kills with one headshot. It comes with a nice scope on it as well.


The Act 3 guns in this tier are niche options for very specific situations. They don’t offer the same value as the ones in higher tiers, but they can be the right guns to buy at times.

  • Guardian: This gun isn’t awful from mid and long-range, and actually does more damage than the Phantom from long-range. It has good bullet penetration too, which helps when shooting enemies around corners. If you can’t afford a Phantom or Vandal but desperately need a buy, the Guardian often does the trick.
  • Odin: The LMG is clunky and slows you down, but it’s great for spraying through smoke and walls. It’s surprisingly accurate for an LMG and isn’t an awful buy on certain maps.
  • Sheriff: The “Deagle” of Valorant saw some nerfs awhile back, but it’s still a great buy on an eco round. If you need to save but have 800 credits to spare, it might be able to net you a kill with a headshot so you can grab a gun from your fallen foe.
  • Ares: It’s basically a cheap Odin that you can use to fire through walls and smoke. It’s less accurate, however, and has a smaller clip.
  • Judge: This automatic shotgun costs 1,600 credits and is lethal from close range. Agents like Jett and Omen can make great use of it with their abilities.
  • Shorty: This shotgun occupies a pistol slot and only costs 200. With how lethal it is from close range, it’s not a bad option on a pistol round or a save round if you can cheese a kill with it.


These are the worst guns in Valorant Act 3. You generally should avoid buying or using these unless you don’t have another option.

  • Bucky: Since it’s a pump shotgun, you really need to get a kill with the first shot to make it work. Even with the extended range on its alternate fire, the Bucky is still an inferior option to the Judge in every situation.
  • Bulldog: The cheapest Assault Rifle is also by far in a way the worst. It has a wild spray and doesn’t do a lot of damage, meaning it’s not great from any range. It’s burst fire while looking down sights doesn’t do it much good either.
  • Stinger: This SMG actually does decent damage up close, but the clip is tiny and it doesn’t have any range. You’re better off buying a shotgun or a Ghost in most situations.
  • Frenzy: This gun is absolutely awful and it’s the worst in Valorant. Its spray is nearly impossible to control and it doesn’t do much damage at all. Pay the extra 100 credits and get the Ghost or just stick with your free Classic.