Valorant: Act 3 Solo Queue Agent tier list
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Act 3 of Valorant is in full swing, and this Act sees some new faces jump to the top of the tier list. While we still have the ever-popular picks like Omen and Raze on top, we’ve begun to see some different Agents as well.

Here’s our tier list for Act 3. Keep in mind that this list is for rated Solo Queue and doesn’t necessarily apply to team play.


The Agents in this tier are the best for winning Valorant games and climbing the ladder. They are generally considered overpowered and have abilities that can help you carry games without much help from your team.

  • Omen: He comes complete with a blind, smokes, and one of the best ultimate abilities in the game. Omen excels at controlling points by setting up smokes. He’s useful for pushing in with his teleport and his blind. Even if he gets nerfs in the future, he will probably still be a great option.
  • Breach: This guy is a walking Crowd Control machine. His stuns and blinds are extremely oppressive for opponents, and he works well on every map. He’s amazing at pushing sites and works well as an entry fragger for teams that are scared to push.
  • Jett: All the nerfs haven’t slowed the speedy duelist down too much. Mobility is amazing in pretty much every PVP game, and she has plenty of it along with her own personal smokes. If you learn to use her ultimate well, you can easily carry rounds with it. On top of everything else, she’s still the best Operator user in the game.


A-tier Agents are very good but less mandatory than their S-Tier counterparts. They work well in most situations, but they have their weaknesses as well.

  • Cypher: He saw some nerfs to his Tripwires recently, but he’s still the premier scouting Agent in Valorant. His spycam and tripwires help detect rotations and flanks, and his cage helps him defend or attack sites. Then, of course, there’s his ultimate, which is literally a short term wallhack.
  • Raze: She’s probably seen more nerfs than any other character, and not without reason. Raze excels at finding enemies and flushing them out of their hiding spots with her explosives. She also picks up quite a few assists and kills while doing so.
  • Skye: The newest addition to the Valorant roster leaves enemies blind for what feels like an eternity. She brings much more to the table than an oppressive blind, however, as she also heals, stuns, and scouts. Expect to see even more of her once players master her abilities.
  • Killjoy: If you want to watch your flanks and control areas, but aren’t fond of Cypher, Killjoy is a great alternative. While she has to stay close to her devices for them to work, she still does an excellent job, and her ultimate ability is a great zoning tool.


B-Tier Agents are generally solid, albeit situational. While these Agents can still work, they are generally outclassed by others in the S or A tier.

  • Sova: He’s another scouting Agent, but he doesn’t do quite as good of a job as Cypher. While his recon arrow and drone are useful, he doesn’t watch flanks nearly as well as Cypher. He also has no utility outside of scouting. Nevertheless, he does work well defending certain sites like B on Ascent.
  • Brimstone: Valorant’s American gets straight up outclassed by Omen in almost every way. Omen still has smokes, but they are free and recharge throughout the round. His teleport and blind are also more useful than Brimstone’s other abilities. Brim is still a good Agent, but his only real appeal over Omen is his ultimate, which is great for clearing enemies out or getting picks in tight areas.
  • Reyna: She works okay as an entry fragger, but Breach does it better. Reyna does extremely well if she gets picks, however. So, if you’re confident in your ability to get kills, she’s a great option. But if you aren’t able to finish anyone off, she effectively only has one ability.


C-Tier Agents are the weakest that Valorant has to offer. While they have their uses, they are niche picks that are outclassed by others. On the bright side, they are likely to get buffs in the future.

  • Phoenix: There are plenty of blinds in the game, and Pheonix’s isn’t nearly as good as that of Breach, Omen, or Skye. His ultimate is useful, but he often finds himself dead upon returning to where he first used it. Overall, there are better options for climbing.
  • Sage: With Skye in the game, Sage isn’t even the only healer anymore, which was her main niche. While her wall and her Resurrect are certainly useful, there are better options that provide more utility. She’s been nerfed a lot and will need some love from Riot before she is a top pick again.
  • Viper: She has always been the worst Valorant Agent, and despite Riot’s attempts to buff her, she still doesn’t bring that much to a team in solo queue. Her walls and poisons often hinder her own teammates as much as her enemies, and she doesn’t work well at all without good communication.